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Dear u pl explain. 1.once u r on insulin shots ,then cn v not take normal diet ie suagr etc,without any illeffect threat. ? 2.wot xactly does metformin,do to sugar in blood stream. Is metformin equivalent to insulin,in function. ? 3.body needs sugar for energy,nd u say dibetics pl dont take wheres the energy cumin from. ?


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  • 1.Your insulin dose is fixed based on several factors like age,body weight,level of physical activity and most importantly,your diet pattern.So,it is better to stick to a particular diet pattern and avoid too much variation from day to day.The doctor will review and fine tune the dose when you go for your next review.2.Metformin is the first line of defence for a diabetic.It helps in control of release of sugar by the liver.Insulin is a harmone that acts as a gateway for sugar to enter the body cells for converting into energy.In the absence adequate insulin,sugar in the blood stream cannot enter the cells and blood sugar levels increase alarmingly.Since the cells do not receive sugar,there is no production of energy and you feel weak.3.Energy comes from sugar only and also through fat metabolism.Problem comes when sugar builds up in blood stream. We are advised to avoid sugars that are very refined like in sweets,table sugar,and very sweet fruits. Consume in limited quantities.grains that are rich in carbohydrates like rice and wheat,fruits that are less sweet like papaya and vegetables rich in starch.

  • A balanced diet needs further clarification. Most people need between 50g and 70g of protein per day. Most people's body uses between 100g and 150g of carbohydrate per day. The balance should be made up of natural fat; sufficient to meet our weight-management requirements.

  • Please first of all try to understand basics about diabetes ,it will answer most of your questions. There are many web sites which provide basic information about diabetes in plain non technical language.

  • Once you are on insulin you can not take sugar like non diabetic. Occasionally you can have restricted amount of sugar.Body does energy but not from sugar. it can be obtained from proteins and other carbohydrates. Metformin helps in utilizing glucose.It increases the effectiveness of insulin but it is not substitute to Insulin.You continue to take insulin and Metformin .Physical exercise and high protein-low carbohydrate diet.Do not be too anxious about Diabetes.

  • The reason you are having insulin shots because your blood sugar is not in control. Now, if you start having normal diet, the basic purpose of taking insulin is defeated.

  • Body does not need sugar or carbs for energy at all. As long as you do not believe in this, your health will deteriorate no matter what you do. Depression and dementia is also a side effect of diabetes where one eats too much carbs and lives by ADA diet. ADA diet and numbers are BROKEN and healthy for he Pharma industry only.

  • If you are not selling anything then why are you copy pasting same reply repeatedly.

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