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The secret of health


Hi guys! I am glad to join you to share my experience today. I want to give some advice on how to manage blood sugars. I've been a type 2 diabetic since 2010. I used to take insulin and metformin, but the metformin caused my feet to have tingling and burning like if I stood in fire. I quit taking the metformin, but continued with insulin. Oneday, I was out looking for jobs, but I didn't bring anything with me to eat because I did not know if I would stay out for a long time. Time passed, and it was time to pick up my son from school. I was on my way to pick my son up when I had a signal of my blood sugar was going down. I thought I would have time to go get something to eat after I picked up my son, but right in my son's school I lost control and they had to put me in the nurse's office to take care of me and call the EMS to take me to the hospital. That day, I spent the rest of my day in the hospital with a high bill. Since that time, i decided to stop using insulin. What i did was, I had done some research to know how to lower my blood sugar, I found out the worst food that can affect blood sugar level is: sugary foods and carbohydrate. I looked for some natural herbs. With this type of diet my fasting blood sugar went down from 289 to 114 in two weeks and after meal is from 300 to 128. I don't even do any exercises, which would be even better. If you want to try, then do it!

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Please tell us what exactly you did to bring down your sugar levels.

Ditto Ramana42.

By stopping metformin, Did your tingling and burning foot go ?


Long live LCHF diet!

Can you pl share diet plan.

Please let us know in detail as how you maintain for BG

Can u please share your diet plan and the natural herbs which helped you so that we can also manage our blood sugar?

The solution you mentioned is not very clear. pl elaborate the daily quantity of herbs and food you have taken in details. Then only the affected people will be in a position to follow and get cured.

Pls share diet plan and which herbal medicine u r taking

I heard 4m many people that herbal medicine can do magic pls share in detail

Pls advice what food you have taken to down sugar level

Coconut, nuts, avocado, olive oil, full-fat dairy, and grass-fed animal fats, eating only small amounts of quality carbohydrates including vegetables (but not potatoes, broad beans, baked beans, parsnips, beetroot, swede, turnips...).

U mentioned about some herbs, can u detail out.

No, I didn't mention herbs. Herbs are okay for adding some micronutrients and flavour, but are of little value in controlling insulin-resistance. We have to reduce the glycaemic load, and avoid anomalies such as baked beans or reduced-fat dairy that demand high amounts of insulin even though they are low Gi.

Good to hear about your levels. You took time to describe the complete problem but dint shared what is the medicine which brought your levels down. Look forward to hear from you. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks DearNerlie 4health for your advice .It is really inspiring for all of us.

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