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Many, many health professionals have relationships with Pharma Industry -- Conflict Of Interest?

I have seen few out here swear by the so called "experts" -- a term used to cloak the realities. However, internet is such a great medium that it's exposing the "experts" far and wide. Take a look at following article:




Now, with this just being the TIP of the ICEBERG on global scale, tell me which one of these "experts" would risk losing LUCRATIVE $$$$ Deals by recommending LCHF diet ( more on this here -- dlife.in ) to diabetics, a diet which reduces drugs for sugar control, fixes LIPIDS, reduces insulin resistance etc etc in huge majority of cases.

All just RANT that SFA is bad, despite 5 decades of facts on ground that SFA has no relation with CVD/CHD. If it has no relation then is it just SCARE MONGERING or is it that there is HUGE money at stake for every participant in the chain?

What's your thought?

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@Meetu., In fact there is nothing to doubt. as mentioned in one of my earlier posts., i cam across a MD gen med., being innecessarily opereated upon for nonexistent heart valve blocks. I am a first hand witness to his story., and he told "doctrs lie" .and mentioned about pharma interests in lying.

He had no reason to lie as he was on the receiving end. Maybe thats how business grows.


Well, that's a different form of thuggery ... making the patient go under the knife for no reasons. What I am trying to highlight is how these so called Level 1,2,3 experts are just too eager to get their pockets lined with Pharma money.

And then few guys here, who do not even know what LCHF is, say why "Experts" are not recommending LCHF. Anyone with slightest understanding of "corruption" would know the answer. Doesn't need a CBI to investigate.

They can wait indefinitely for so called experts to ratify LCHF. We are far ahead of the curve since we have no "conflict of interest" to influence our decision so we trash their opinion on LCHF to Trash Bin, the place where it needs to be.

If these experts are really sure of themselves, let them dissect the data that many doctors who have been living on LCHF/Ketogenic diets have. They won't. They will just REPEAT the Lie that ANCEL Keys spoke decades ago and scare with "ling-term" effects. What long-term effects are they talking of? Dr Barry Groves lived on LCHF for more than 5 decades.


A good debate.Let us light the candle in front of Sun.I hope there will be sunset and candle will give us light.Do not lose hope. Let us try and spread the truth.I request all the diabetic patients not to argue with the diabetologist and follow LCHF.All are requested to purchase a glucometer.Note down reading for at least for one month.Every FBS and PPBS. Caliberate glucometer reading with standard Lab. In a diary note down every reading.I am over sure good result will be shown. After three months go for HbA1C. Every six months go for lipid,LFT, and KFT. Go for ECG evert six month.Honestly speaking I have not visited any diabetologist for the last two years.I follow the above procedure my self enjoy better control with lest drugs. Thanks to all of you for patient viewing.


"Why don't they ban tobacco completely?"

Again a stats so I am confident that not many who prefer to be restricted to just a limited set of websites will comment.

The smoking was declining in America once hey became aware of it's ill effects. However, this trend hit a speed breaker as soon as NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) drugs started appearing on market. All these NRT dug manufacturers dole out large sum of cash to society of "experts" as there's billions to be made from these drugs:


So, why would anyone push for "Cold Turkey" method? Why would they ban Tobacco? Some will not even blink to attack CT supporters and say they make some money from books on CT. However, the same set of guys will keep silent on billions that's made from NRT's and be completely silent on side effects of NRT drugs.


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