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why is it that drs are not concerned about CKD when it is not at stage 4 mine is stage 3b as i have wrote on here about before but having visited my gp 2 days ago he said i should not have any symptoms at stage 3b but i am i have itchy skin short of breath cannot concentrate getting up in night for toilet ect so why are they so negative thanks for any reply angela

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To be fair, they have to prioritise with finite resources.

Doing what you can to manage the disorder will facilitate healing where irreparable damage has not occurred.

Keep your carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate), ideally 3 meals x 4 carb portions. Follow this link diabetes.org.uk/documents/c...

Eat low GI carbs, reducing intake of fructose too which glycosylates haemoglobin seven times as much as glucose. Follow this link glycemicindex.com/

Make up the balance of your meals with natural, additive-free, unprocessed protein (palm-size or less) and fat foods such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, nuts, avocado, coconut, palm oil (not hydrogenated), olive oil, double cream and butter.

Sample meal plan:


Soft Cheese

2 Eggs any style

2 Serving spoons vegetable casserole


Cheese or nuts

1 small barely-ripe banana or 1 medjool date

3 oatcakes or quinoa (90g cooked weight).


1 medium sweet potato or 1 cob sweetcorn or chickpeas (100g cooked weight).

non-starchy roast vegetables or stir-fry greens

palm-size meat or fish or seafood or poultry or game

whipped double-cream and/or coconut


If your gp is not listening,please report yourself in causality . They are bound to take up your case seriously.


I do have the same problem. When Createine at 6 no food could enter my mouth due to vomitting sensation. finally doctor preferred dialysis. i was 64 kgs before and now at 53.Even now im unable to walk with vigor a few furlongs. Doc said it will take another 10 dialysis. I started using "RANUNCULUS" Quinine~a hoemo drops (50 in the morning and 50 in the night" with half cup of water. My position has improved. Also due to difficulty in urination (new symptom) i started using "URIMAX-75" [allopathy]. I also started "CANTHARIS-30[homeo] potency pills) for this problem and once its sets right i will stop URIMAX. However, it is better to go for transplantation at the earliest so as ti save other organs.

God bless all.



I too is at 3rd.stage of CKD.But doctors reply is same as to you.What we need o do is to get ourself educated through internet and take care of following:---

a)Maintain H1Abc to maximum at 7.If you feel hypo,feed yourself after every 3 to 4 hrs.

b)In case if you have BP,its medicine takes care of CKD to some extent.

By keeping H1Abc to max 7,you can delay the process of kidney failure.

Keep checking electrolyte level also.

Please friends advise me if I am wrong.




Hi Alshi for reply I do a lot of research and my son does it also , I will ask my go when I go for the levels you spoke about thankyou for your advise. Angela


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