diabetes......meditation ..a big help

I have heard people talking about meditation.Meditation is not about sitting in some corner and concentrating on something.Let me explain it.The fastest thing other than light in this world is your MAN( thoughts) .In a fraction of second it can travel anywhere in the universe.The day your brain is formed,it starts thinking till your end.You just can not stop thinking.There is no switchboard in your brain that you can switchoff your brain.It keeps working even when you are asleep.And it never dwells on one point for a long time.Keeps changing.Now,if there is a thought coming,it must be originating from somewhere in your brain.Just imagine,since your birth to this day,how many thoughts you must have accumulated in your brain.There are good thought and there are bad thoughts.When some bad thought(memory) comes up,we feel bad, sad and troubled.What we do? We try to supress that thought/memory which is troubling us making our life miserable.But by supressing it are not we keeping it back,so that it comes up again at a later date.We go to office, bazar and even at our home,we meet many people,some of them spoil our mood.We get depressed.We have diabetes which depresses us.Suppose if there is a way to cleanse our brain of these bad and depressing thoughts,then there is no stress,no depression and you can enjoy life without thinking " Arrey usne kya bola tha,ya usne kya kar diya".The best way is to flush these thoughts from your brain.Kill the thought the moment it forms.And the trick is meditation.There are many(India has about 108 types of meditations) .But I prefer this type which I am doing.All other types will tell you NOT to think about your thoughts,but I will tell you..DO NOT STOP YOUR THOUGHTS, let them come naturally,do not dwell on any point,If bad thoughts are coming,let them come,but do not force them to come.Let it be naturally.The procedure..........Sit on VaJRASAN on a soft mattress.Inhale through one nostril and exhale through other nostril( like anulome vilome) Do it fast but not more than ONE MiNUTE.Now at ease in sqatting position( palki jaise).Do nothing for 3 to 4 minutes.Then say any three letter word WITHOUT moving your lips or tounge.The word should be such that it does not form any IMAGE.Not OHM,because it forms the image of God.You can say any word like niring,kiring etc.BUT D O NOT concentrate on this word.Let your thoughts to flow and just repeat this word without making soundwithout moving lips or tounge.Do it only for 10 to 15 minutes.see the difference in 15 days itself.Afterthat it can be done maximum upto 20 minutes.It should be done keeping two hours gap before and after meals.I think it is not that difficult but if require,a expert guidance can be taken.


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  • Ok so in your opinion one should have some herbal water therapy right? Why are you so desperately asking people to mail you on every message you post.?


  • Please do not try to demotivate other from sharing its not good for you also who has time or not you can't decide you please decide your own

  • I appreciate your detailed descriptions of various tastes and their effects on human body.But I prefer to tell in a way which can be understood by a layman,in a simple language.

  • Thanks Mr kamtadale

    Here all sufferor are layman, to a doctor's language because it is the secret asset for them only.

  • Its an excellent explanation how thoughts rule us. No body likes bad thoughts yet people discuss about bad happenings (thoughts). News Papers report and people love (with hate mind) read about misshapen although now a days almost all news papers contain magazine section with positive leanings. After reading the post as well as a comment thereon, I am prompted to share GOD is omnipresent in the form of stone carvings in temples, nailed in Churches, invisible in Mosques yet we believe, irrespective of religious beliefs, how Lord Krishna rescued Draupadi during vastraharan. My further thoughts believe Saint Vyas depicted GOD in the said episode in all the three major religious forms - (1) Parents-in-Law, Gurus, Elders and 5 Husbands (every body believes to be Gods) being present as if nailed by principles (2) Invisible Lord sent on sarees and of Course (3) It is Lord Krishna - the Bhagwan,

    One more thing Diabetes is perhaps mistakenly considered as a disease so also BP and Asthma as because no one has either given or taken leave from their respective jobs due to these ailments unlike for diseases such as Malaria, Typhoid and even TB or Cancer. It is only a deficiency in metabolism that needs control. All the three systems of medicines such as Allopathy, Homeopathy or Ayurveda (Perhaps other traditional systems also) never assures cure (but only control) except the modern medicine that need regular employment and increase in sales. There is also a sloka which I noted and want to share to control diabetes 'CHAKRAM SUDARSHANAM TASYA RAJATE ABJAM TA DEVECHA, PRIMEHAM HARIPRIM, SHRI VISHNU GARUDA VAHANAM"

  • Dear sir

    Please let me know the source of this sloka and practical application vs result, for the benefit of all.


  • This sloka I got while viewing GOPURAM in ZEE Telugu. My life is going smooth that is only the effect or result. But nothing is assured in life whether it is success or failure. I remember one person who could not appear for exams due to certain family problem yet he was declared successful even his protest was not heeded. We cannot except such situation in any future even though it may happen again. I am taking medicines believing their worth. Doctors change the prescription with some positive hope.

    What I noticed is the ailment starts from mind to body and taken outside to a Doctor in or out of Hospital for cure to body to mind. One more thought, from birth to death humans in society are to provide services to others. Ailments or diseases are one way service to the society by visiting Doctors, Pathology Labs and Medicine Shops. You may look otherwise round

  • thanks , I firmly believe that the Mantras are powerful media for achieving results provided the intent is firm. i intend to follow your advice, pls share if there is any other mantra.

  • Excellent views and very helpful to all of us. Tks.

    Dr S K Kapur

  • Dear All,

    I am fully in agreement with Mr. Kamtadale. I have practiced this for quite some time with astounding results. The process explained by him is perfect, however , i wish to make one small addition with due apologies to Mr. kamtadale. While you are in the state of meditation / mental recital of bij mantra the thoughts begin to follow one after the other which need not to be controlled. There is no gap between the thoughts those emerge initially . After persistent practice you will observe the gaps between the thoughts exactly like you are looking at the sky and one cloud follows the other after some gaps. I understand through various studies and my initiation that any wish planted in the gaps comes true. But the fact is that by that time you are on the higher plane and your wishes are not mundane. The lateral advantages of the phenomenon are perfect health calmness of mind and , great aura. Very strongly recommended.

    warm regards

  • I perfectly agree with you sir. Thoughts travel in with such a speed and overlapping when we are silent. While I was alone and walking I felt such but I walk together with a friend discussing various topics - whether correlated, interrelated or not - no thoughts come in

  • The silence between gaps of thoughts is highly creative.In meditation we are locked in such gaps.The wider the gap the more the bliss

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