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information on scan report need

i have fallen down in the bathroom on 22/12/2014. i had an head injury on the backside of my head above my right ear. i have contacted the doctor and he said nothing to worry and gave some tablets and two injections. since my bp is increased everyday i have again consulted the doctor and he advised me to have a brain scan and the neuro surgeon informed no problem. in the scan report the following findings were given. i am. aged 78 years. can anyone please explain about the scan report.

1.age related mild cerebro-cerebellar atrophy

2.right high parietal scalp swelling

3. no calvarial fractures.

4.incidentally noted right vertebral artery loop indenting the medulla.

i request those who can give a correct reply please respond i am much worried about items 1&4 of the above report

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Dear sir

No.1 is OK

No 4 is ann incidental findding nothing can be done

Just see if You have HIgh BP please control it by medicines the strogest suggestion


If cholesterol is deposited in the arteries of the brain, sufficient oxygenated blood will not reach for the nourishment of the nerve cells. this will cause the brain to shrink.

Swelling is out side the skull and hence there is no need to worry. Scan report explains the location of the injury.

Calvaria means the dome-like superior portion of the cranium, comprising superior portions of the frontal, parietal and occipital bones.

In the right vertebral artery (Please see the arrows in the sketch), there is a turn or sharp curve in a cord-like structure.

Please note that I am not a medical professional.






what is meant by atrophy and you have not mentioned anything about item 4


thank u for encouragement


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