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I have often read and come through suggestions that diabetics must take morning walks.

Everyone who has diabetes start walking in the morning. However my understanding is that

diabetics who do not follow LCHF diet must first decide how many kilometers they need to walk.

Of the total they must walk one third in the morning and two thirds in the evening.

Mornings, beside walking , must have some exercises also which can be done at home or in any open spaces. This will tone up abdominal, pelvic , back , arms , etc. muscles.

Indian food habits where lunch is principal meal needs burning out of calories . This can be

done by evening walks.

Prakash Sheth

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if not morning walks, and exercises as suggested which are all helpful, I started walking 15-minutes after lunch; walk for about 40 minutes; lucky to have huge playground in our hsg. soc. stick to LCHF diet, all will be in control; also cow urine extremely helpful in overall health; same applies to 'auto-urine' therapy which I did try few yrs ago, and continued for 3 to 4 yrs; never fallen sick, no disease, no symptoms of any kind for other ailments; but above all, just keep COOL!!!!! remain jovial, pray, meditate and avoid keeping many 'friends'; take care of parents, worship them, serve them well; God bless all w/good health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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