Valuable advise by experts

Valuable advise by experts

As per experts' advice the diet discipline , morning walk , metal peace and time bound daily routine seems to be the easiest way to control diabetes . Form the experience of those who maintained regular routine it was observed the blood sugar levels can be maintained at the safe levels . Those who did not follow discipline ended up in troubles. This is from observation in my family members and close friends . The best way is to respect Diabetes and respect will be reciprocated !!. Nori Ramamohan Rao


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27 Replies

  • keeping away from undue worries can be termed as mental [not metal] peace.Drinking water from a copper vessel was age old wisdom .

  • indiacratus Morchud/copper sulphate is poisonous is known since ages...

    You might have came across the copper sulphate added paste provided by post offices during old times.(they use light blue color paste to provide same for sticking stamps and envelops) It was practice to add copper sulphate in the paste to enhance durability of said paste.

  • between one more information indiacratus if you put copper coin in aquarium which contains ornamental shrimps....and fishes... shrimp will die due to copper toxicity...nothing will happen to fishes...

    Many times it is suggested to put copper coin in aquarium to control some ornamental fish diseases.

  • Hmm there was one vitamin supplement earlier in market...'Vimgran' the advertisement of same was 'I eat copper..Do you??'

    We were knowing poisonous effects of copper and brass since ages...therefore we use to galvanize /Kalhai utensils...

    It is strict order that no acidic things should be stored in copper or brass utensils...

    Further use of silver and gold vessels was days life boy soap which is featuring 'kajol' is online....

    Silver is still used in many water filters...

  • chloride which is used for water purification is also toxic...however it gets neutralized after some times......

    However it is age old practice in India to add certain herbs in water for purification...

    `Chukkuvellam' in Kerala is very good example of said...

    You must be knowing indiacratus since water table in Kerala is very high so to safeguard everyone adds 'pathimugam' wood in water.

    effect of copper is similar I guess.

  • are u sure??

  • hmm..then what is purpose of using silver for water purification even in modern water filters??

  • lol you are indiacratus ....

    so does that means purification means bacteriological purification by the modern means???

    here is something more interesting ....

    Antibacterial activity of copper pot on drinking-water inoculated with enteric pathogens

    VC, SF, ETEC, EPEC, SET, and SPT inoculated into water could not be recovered on the specific growth medium as mentioned in methods (Table 1). In the control glass bottles, on the other hand, the number of bacteria inoculated either remained the same or slightly increased (Table 1). After incubation in the enrichment broth, there was no visible turbidity in the test samples, and no bacteria could be recovered when the enriched cultures were streaked onto selective media. With controls, turbidity in enrichment medium and subsequent growth of bacteria on selective medium were observed (Table 1), where VC exhibited as typical yellow colony on TCBS medium, SF as typical small green colonies on HEA medium, and Salmonella species as pink colonies with/without black centre on XLD medium whereas ETEC and EPEC exhibited typical metallic sheen colonies on EMB agar medium. This indicates that the bacteria in the test samples were either completely killed or had lost their culturability on media.


    Physical and chemical parameters

    The level of copper that had leached into the test samples was 177±16 ppb which was well within the WHO limit of 2000 ppb (Table 2). TDS, alkalinity, hardness, contents of chlorides and sulphates remained the same before and after incubation in both test and control samples, except that the pH had slightly increased from 7.83±0.4 to 7.93±0.3 in the test samples (copper pot) after incubation for 16 hours (Table 2

    anyways...silver and gold are also recommended by Ayurveda.

    Further,cooking in copper vessel is prohibited...however storing water and drinking water from copper is recommended...

    Copper is treated as one of the auspicious metal and therefore all Pooja instruments are made of copper.

    Thank you for giving me opportunity ..... :)

  • ok.....but thought you are indiacratus :(

  • come on indiacratus ji

    I was just kidding....I like ur name.... and really u know lot about modern science....

    guess you worked in some medical field?? associated with some research work???

  • Your advice on copper toxicity is noted . thanks

  • cure

    Your response surprises me. You are a man of ayurveda. Yes. Drinking water from a copper vessel Is not harmful.

  • suramo where did I said drinking water from copper is harmful to human being???

    Copper may be toxic to shrimps... but infact makes other fishes healthy.....

    Copper sulphate is toxic and we know this since ages... even we are not advised to use copper for cooking...

  • cure

    But you didn't affirm also that Drinking water from a copper vessel is useful. Your posts created an impression that you were against it. But that's alright. Kabhi kabhi hota hai.

  • cure

    Heck, My wife drinks water kept overnight in Copper container -- stared few months back. Is she drinking poison. I don't think so. My father did it as long as I can remember.

    I think fluoride loaded toothpastes are more toxic.

  • and what about other toxic pesticides???

    I do remember suramo few years ago..when there was disaster at Chernobyl ....the butter produced around that area was dumped in India...and then government approved the same as radioactivity of same was below the threshold of Human toxicity.

  • EU companies contaminated the whole world?

    But, when you have time, watch this video:

  • cure

    I agree with you. But do you know cow dung can protect us from radiation ?

  • Yes but International Atomic Energy Commission has to support that otherwise some may call it road side dot com.

  • Anup

    that's the problem here. We are still mentally slaves. For our economy also. Raghu rajan a "pardeshi " went and another "pardeshi " urjti patel has been imposed on us. I don't know on what basis should he be called Indian or NRI ? How would he be knowing how we are running our families ? We are still slaves. It's very disgusting that a country of 125 crores can't contribute in any field. Can't find a RBI governor from india !!🐒🐒🐒🐒. This is a unique kind of "deshprem ".

  • I picked LC** from pardesi and modified to suit our style and then lived on it for 18 months (not just 3 or 4 months) and then started talking here. Number has grown from 1 to 1000 as ut made scientific sense to majority. Of the minority who can never understand, I really don't care. They just can keep exposing themselves when they talk on LC** :)

  • You are correct indiacratus they do not know that but what they knows even present scientist does not know. There was rare illness. They do not know what BP means ,they do not know what is diabetese so on.

    If we can truly take their path there will be no illness.

  • why u r posting unrelated subject?

  • What is unrelated to health and good living ?

  • Valuable advice

  • We are using copper vessel for sipping water in the morning,have not found any poisoning,all the Aberrations pointed above are baseless and ridiculous.

  • What diet discipline, how far, provide evidence or the above is consigned to new age, tree hugging woo.

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