Parched thru the night

I'm a type 1 diabetic for 20 yrs, with reasonably good control and on insulin. In recent weeks I feel incredibly parched through the night and am constantly waking up to drink water. Now this could have been a sign of running high sugars, but on checking has NOT been the case and my sugars have been normal range. It's really started to upset my sleep cycle. Appreciate any advise.

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  • Do you feel very hungry also? Polyphagia?

  • No hunger pangs. Just an insatiable thirst and dry mouth.

  • I also used to have this, and a few months ago I started having vegetable and fruit smoothies (without milk). I found that the thirst went away. The doctor said that I am getting better nutrition through micronutrients and phytonutrients and vitamins and minerals by adding this drink which has reduced both thirst and cravings for sweets.

    I cannot say why you are feeling this thirst but you can try having this smoothie. If you are interested I can give you the recipe.

  • Sure. I'd appreciate it.

  • Can I have the recipe of the Smoothie?

  • Green smoothie recipe

    1. 10 to 15 leaves of spinach

    2. Gobi - one fourth if a medium sized one

    3. one large carrot

    4. half a large capsicum

    5. some coriander

    6. a few kadi patta

    7. one small apple

    8. one small banana

    9. one fourth of a medium papaya

    Clean all the ingredients well specially the spinach, preferably soaking them in salt water for 20 mins. Put them all in a mixie and blend till smooth. Add some lime or aamchoor for flavour. Chat masala will also do but it has salt so that depends on your blood pressure.

    The greens are absolutely essential. Other vegetables can be substituted as according to availability. You can put caulifower, french beans and other exotic greens like bok choy, celery, salad leaves, broccoli. Almost any veggie can be put - it depend on your taste.

    For those on an LCHF diet or whose sugar is very high apple and banana can be avoided and they can stick only to papaya.

    The blending releases micronutrients and phytonutrients in a form easily absorbed by our cells.

    I noticed that my cravings and thirst came down drastically after I started drinking this first thing in the morning. I used to start the day with a beer mug full of tea and biscuits - that stopped within a week. Now I dont drink tea at all. Nor do I need a heavy breakfast.

    Please take at least two glasses of this every morning for best effect. You can have it in the afternoon also around 4 to get rid of the need to snack.

    Combined with other low glycemic food this has brought down my sugars to near normal without cravings.

  • Thanks so much. Will give it a try.

  • dear sach,

    what comes to mind immediately is

    diabetes insipidus like activity.for this lot of simple tests are available .

    but then

    are you urinating too much as well?

    are you taking any unusual medicine ?

    causing diuresis,which can cause thirst later.

    any time you had kidney related problem?

    in some older people it so happens that the sense of thirst falls

    and they drink less

    and later they feel thirsty.

    what does your doctor say?

    please measure the total water you drink per day and the the total urine.

    this may help doctor to rule out some doubts.

    good luck

  • @Sach2014,

    Do you take alcohol in the night ?


  • yes. .

    alcohol can iduce diuresis .great

    may be it acts through the vasopressin inhibition ,

    the same thing in diabetes insipidus.

    but an important thing to note is the difference between

    urinating several times and dispensing lot of urine.


    in diabetes and of course alcohol [excess],

    a person gives out more total daily urine .

    while in bph the total daily urine remains the same

    though he goes to toilet many times.

    as a consequence the diabetics urine will be less yellow.

    measuring the total daily urine output is an unmistakable way i sugested to sach

    good luck

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