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Each morning when I wake up, my soles ache. Why does this happen. My sugar levels are 110. / 230. For tge past two years. Am on Amaryl 1mg OD.

Even after the rare afternoon siesta, the pain in the soles return. The pain goes off gradually on resuming my daily chores. I feel comfort with the pointed pointers on the doormat, that probably acts as the accupressure. I am not able to understand the phenomenon.


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  • Thanks Meetu. But is the problem on account of BS PP levels or something else. I am not on any other drug except amaryl. Do I need to consult an Ortho

  • Thanks a TON Meetu77. Will follow ur advice. Now please do guide me on LCHF diet also. Thank in advance for that also.

  • their is an indian site dedicated for lchf which is dlife.in

  • try to consult the homeopathy doctor.

  • no need for otho. as meetu suggested try bring your blood sugar under control and see within no time your pain will vanish. Pain is the best doctor. if no pain i would not had fine out the real cause and followed the right lchf diet.

  • Thank you Atma ( Pious Soul), will follow ur and Meetu's advice.

  • Whatever, bring your blood sugar to lower levels. For immediate relief, wear socks when you lie down. Do you sleep under a fan?

  • dear,

    The one and only way is to limit carbohydrate and increase good fat. i had all diabetic complications after following LCHF diet everything vanished. good luck.

  • dlife.in is very suited for us. Further, you can look up Mendosa's pages through google search to make adjustments to confirm to your food preference in light of Glycemic Index and Load concerns. Mendosa site implies how to reduce carb effect/make it slow release such as sprouted beans versus beans!

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