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Ashok Kumar

Dear Doctor,

I have few points to place before you for blessing valuable advice.

I have been keeping my sugar level under control with your advice and medicines.

Now I am taking English Medicines: tablets Glimi fix M1 .1-0-1 Before food

Antel H 1-0-0 After food

I have started taking water boiled with VENGAKATHEL, Dry NELLIKKA, VARATTU MANJAL, EKANAYAKAM, KIRIYATHA all mixed in equal quantity (not powdered but small roots) I take always when I feel thirsty Some times i feel Nencherichil for few days now when ever i take food. Yesterday I purchased CARMKOT a tonic green in colour from Kottakkal AryaVaidya Sala and started taking. Pl advise whether I should take continuously or as and when i feel Nenchericahil?

Madam can i take daily some 2 to 3 Thulasi leaves and Neems leaves in the morning or evening? is there any benefit out of that if I take daily

Madam please bear with me if I am causing inconvenience to you

with regards and thanks,

Ashok Kumar

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Dear Ashok Kumar,

Please do not take all those herbs. Herbs too have ingredients which can interact with each other and with your medicines. It may be the cause of your acidity.

Why don't you ask your doctor about an antacid which does not hike your blood sugar?

Some do.

Check to see which foods cause the trouble and avoid it, or cook it thoroughly. Too spicy or oily foods, too much condiments like cloves and cinnamon can also cause acidity.

Just drink warm or room temperature water.



can u please inform sproted legumes is good for the person what is the difference between cooked legumes and sprouted legumes is i carb low3er in sproutd legumes what about oter nutrients. thanks


Sprouted legumes means legumes which have started to grow. You can sprout green gram /mung/cherupayar very easily. Take a fistful of payar, wash it and soak it in clean water over night. Next morning drain it and tie it up in a piece of cloth and keep it covered in a warm place. By evening you will find that small white sprouts have started coming out of the green seeds. You can eat it raw, with grated carrots or coconut and a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper for taste. You can also sprout ground nuts, methi/ fenugreek/uluva seeds etc.in the same manner and use them in salads. Methi is good for diabetics.


Thanks for respond. My questions if it is sprouted its carb contain maybereducd ? And what is the uss of sprouting the legumes. Please clarify Thanks


A couple of Tulsi leaves would not cause any harm. They are also antiviral.Traditional medicine for colds, flatulence etc, Basil is added to food in many countries such as Thailand. I have tried adding our own Tulsi instead of the store bought dry basil in Thai recipes and they have come out well.


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