has anybody tried diabetes 60 programme being advertised thro' this media

Thia American Doctor is marketing thro' video presentation a diet programme for $ 40 claims to cure diabetes permanently within 20 days, if you follow to add to your diet his recommendated items(he says simple items found din kitchen in daily use). I want to know ha sanybody tried it & result. Will appreciate people sharing their experience; it sounds to good to be true.


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2 Replies

  • There are many free videos available on Youtube about how to manage diabetes through diet.

    No need to pay. Here's one such video from a Type 1 Doctor himself managing his diabetes. He was diagnosed Type 1 at the age of 41, so Type 1 is no longer just juvenile diabetes that old school thinks of it as. Empowering yourself with latest knowledge is the first step towards defeating diabetes and right knowledge is available free if you seek from right people.

    Here's one Type 2 doctor who has been drug free for 10 years:

  • I'd be happy to sell you a similar hoax for $10! Save your money and run. Run really fast away from these kinds of frauds.

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