Data downloading from Accu-Check Active Glucose Meter

Roche Diagnostics offers a variety of special software programs (e.g. Ac cu-Chek Compass,Ac cu-Chek Pocket Compass,Ac cu-Chek Cam it Pro,and the Ac cu-Chek Smart Printer System) to expand the memory functions integrated in your Accu-Check Active monitor.Such programs enable you and your doctor to manage your date effectively and through graph and table view,make it easier for you to understand your self testing data,by downloading data to your PC.

For data downloading you need a suitable PC program as well as the Ac cu-Chek infrared cable. Can any body give information where infrared cable and software CD can be procured from with in India.,as the these items are not sent /cannot be purchased from foreign soil.,from online store.


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  • from where do i get a suitable program for downloading the stored data in my monitoring machine

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