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No Prick Blood Sugar checking now a reality!


Sometime back in one of my posts, we have discussed about no prick blood sugar checking device.

I had booked a No Prick Blood sugar Gadget which was delivered to me yesterday.

I can check the following vital parameters with the help of the gadget.

(1) BP and Heart rate !

(2) Blood Oxygen level -Spo2.. This is an important parameter as many respiratory diseases like Covid19 can lower blood oxygen level.

(3) Body Temperature contact less: by the help of infrared sensor

(4) No Prick Blood Sugar

(1) , (2) & (3) readings are coming accurate..I checked by other alternate devices.. (4) Blood sugar - the accuracy is within 10%. For example , my blood sugar by the conventional glucometer was 94. But this one is showing 104..

The device has a light emitting diode (LED) as a source of illumnating light and a PPG Sensor adjacent to the LED. You need to place the tip of your middle finger firmly above the light and the sensor. When the light falls on the skin , some light is reflected and some absorbed. The PPG Sensor picks up this change in reflection / absorption of light and computes the blood sugar within seconds. The system is calibrated based on a set of data on a large number of people for light absorption data corresponding to blood sugar readings by checking both invasive and non - invasive with this device.

Though I found variation within 10 % , but it gives a trend.

The product is at a Beta stage and improvements being made to bring in more is supposed to be fully launched within next 6 months....where they would be charging Rs 500 per month towards blood sugar checking...this price is waived for Beta stage customers.

The device is wifi en-abled and the device software gets updated continuously.

The company is a Delhi based software company....and their portable pocket size ECG device has become very popular and used by leading hospitals in India and abroad.

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Thank you, very interesting 10% difference!!

Have you checked the other functions on this device to check how accurate the readings are?

Blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate and blood glucose.

Take care.

namahaAdministrator in reply to sandybrown

Dear Sandy

5-10% variation is common from device to device.

Studies indicate that Such Variations are also found in invasive methods if you take blood sample from finger tips Vs Arm vein, from middle finger tip Vs any other finger tips , from Lab to Lab...

So whatever method you follow and whatever device you follow, and whatever lab you follow, keep following the same so that you get to know the trend of your readings ...whether it is increasing or decreasing....

So my take is that the trend is important than 5-10% variation...

In this case of "No prick blood sugar checking device" the fact that you need not prick your body finger to take blood sample again and again on a daily basis and several times a day is avoided is a revolutionary discovery - thanks to science.

This is the first step , going forward I am sure the science can improve further and the accuracy rates can be improved a lot..

Stay Safe , Stay Healthy

Where is it available in India, Bengaluru

If you Google, icheck, you can to the web page, possible to order as well.

namahaAdministrator in reply to suneelchaganti

Perhaps you have missed my previous post on the subject , where the link was given...Please read this link below :

The above is an Indian company...👆

There is another company based in Israel which also makes the device by the same principle.

DRH-sangliStar in reply to namaha

Hi I got one.. good

I am waiting for my order to arrive in UK!

Did you check all the different functions?

Take care.

DRH-sangliStar in reply to sandybrown

Yes.. I checked.. The gadget is showing Blood sugar on higher side. I called them. They said, we need to share readings with them over a month and they will calibrate gadget through wifi.

Thank you. I will wait for my unit, because of COVID lock down and border closing I am not sure when I can receive the unit!!

Around 15 years back, I had read about this in a newspaper. An American company had developed such a technology and they were using a wristwatch as the device. I don't know what happened to that watch and technology and to their experiments. Now I am glad to hear about the noprick meter again.Wish I could use one and participate the experiment.

All the best wishes.


namahaAdministrator in reply to JoyChan

Yes Joy, now it is a reality...Currently , there are two companies who are marketing this product ...

One indian company and another Israel based company - both are with similar technology.


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Dear Namah, I too got No prick blood Glucose meter 3 days back.

2 Blood sugar readings taken at same time with a gap of a minute shows wide difference. Although first reading is nearer to the reading taken on Accucheck meter. I tried this a few times. Every time readings on the no prick meter has wide variation.

Blood pressure readings are completely wrong.

namahaAdministrator in reply to surtal

I too get error if I repeat the I take the first reading after connecting with wifi....which seems similar to manual one...The product is in beta stage development....we need to send them the difference in enable them to update system software...

namahaAdministrator in reply to namaha

I spoke to their customer care ..As per their advice , (1) everytime you want to check your blood sugar , first connect to wifi by pressing the right bottom switch.... After connecting to wifi , it will automatically ask for placing your finger at the slot.

(2)Ensure your finger covers both the LED & the sensor...don's press too hard nor too light.

(3)It will calculate your blood sugar and BP - both at same time and display both the readings.

(4) The first time blood sugar reading as checked by me is coming close to my manual meter...

(5) However, if you check repeatability immediately and repeatedly , it may show a different reading.... an error....which they said they are working on the issue of repeatability.

(6) if you take blood sugar reading without connecting wifi and directly pressing right top switch ..readings are not coming correctly..... ..

(7) if you find too much variation in readings as checked by following steps 1,2&3...., Please send their customer care the readings....for updating system. But you need to send them feedback ...that is how beta stage development takes place in updating system...

sandybrown in reply to namaha

Thank you.

Did you get any of the above information with the product user manual?

How do you give feed back?, an email address?

Why is it necessary to connect to Wi-Fi to get the unit working to test blood glucose?

How does the unit connect to Wi-Fi without entering the wireless home hub details as there is no key to input details?

Sorry to ask these questions, I have asked the supplier for documentation while awaiting product, no luck.

Thank you and take care.

namahaAdministrator in reply to sandybrown

Are you getting the device from indian manufacturer or Israel manufacturer? Because both device are totally different - though the principle remains the same. And I remember you telling us once you had ordered from Israel ?

Yes, you get operating instruction along with the device. But advice that I should check only after connecting wifi came later when i spoke to them... They also said that they are working on repeatability results....

While I don't know the reason why they are asking us to connect to wifi before everytime I check, but I find the first time reading taken after connecting wifi is coming close to my manual meter...

Perhaps After connecting through wifi, the light absorption coefficient factor of your finger is getting transmitted vide wifi and results getting computed ....

Also data getting uploaded...

The software is also getting updated on a continuous basis....with regards to the correlation between light absorption and blood sugar readings.

sandybrown in reply to namaha

Thank you.

Yes, I am getting the device from India. There may be delay due to COVID -19 border closing and flight problems.!

Take care.

rvsiv in reply to sandybrown

Dear all,

The quality of this product is very poor.. not worth to get this one... even a 100 rs. Toy will be having better quality than this. The usb charging unit is so poor and it may not even work..

Restrain from this device.

sandybrown in reply to rvsiv


Thank you for yourresponse.

I have cancelled my order, this is mainly because of beta test device and may be delay in receiving the device during lockdown and border closing. I had difficulty to get help to under stand the use of the product from the help Whatsapp number.!!

The free standing unit can give you test result, but is not correct.

The unit needs a WI-FI connection to a mobile phone, mobile phone has to be configured to get the data and up load to I cloud. This data is then analysed to reconfigure the firmware and software in the device is my understanding.

As you say it is early days.

Take care.

rvsiv in reply to sandybrown

Yes.. U have done the good thing. The device quality is very very poor. I have took one and opened the box and found that the usb charging port is already broken. very poor. Good that u did not waste your money. take care.thanks.

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