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Accu chek ExtraCare and Accu Chek active strips


I am using Accu chek ExtraCare and the test strips is accu chek active strips. Test result will be accurate or not.

Or Should I use only accuchek extracare strips for testing blood sugar or accuchek active strips too is okay or not please?

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If meter is Accucheck Active or the strips came with the meter then there should not be any problem with the readings.

Thanks. Meter is accuchek ExtraCare but strips are accuchek active. Will it be okay please.

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On their site there is no such a glucometer named Accucheck Extracare. Where did you buy it ?

On top of the box it's written accu Chek but inside the cover it's pasted accu chek ExtraCare. Customer support and service center 18001206020 toll free SMS help 5757535. Accuchek manufactured different types of not. I bought it from Assam

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I think Extracare is not model name but related to how to use their meter carefully.

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I also feel this is best solution. I do the same


No thanks ! How much are you getting paid for advert ?

OTHER makes are on the market which work better ?

First if all don't keep these machines with yu

yu will start using them regularly don't worry yu will not suffer heart attack neither your kidneys will get spoiled not you will become blind

All are useless stories

Diabetes testing machines and strips are another way of day robbery

First of all taking medicines for diabetes is not correct and

We must allow our body to fight

If medicines are already started yu cannot do anything continue with medicines

But don't keep on testing your blood

Before that I will suggest yu one thing anyway yu have machine right test your blood on a particular day with just a gap of 5 minutes and see the difference it will not be same

So how can yu conclude your diabetes level by one test ,????

I disagree with you respectfully. I have used blood sugar testing machines regularly for the last 8 years and they have been useful to me in several ways. Easily justifying the cost I paid for the machines and strips.

The most important of all was that I able to figure out which foods were sending my blood sugar up drastically, which foods were not so bad and which foods were pretty OK.

Doctors, by and large, in India are a joke. Either they lack current knowledge or are out and out charlatans. I agree with Anup here 100%. Doing ones own reading, testing, experimenting & implementing is the way to go. With the help of forums like these and more importantly well meaning people like Anup. Avoid jokers who present cures like long wheat.

sorry sir i m no agaisnt your wish i request you to knidly excuse my comments if it had hurted you

I ve doubts over the way in which people of this world are made scapegoats of medicine communities

i am not happy that many doctors were taught to asses all patients in the same weighng machine

i will always say this

no two patients will have same withstanding power similarly no two pateints will have same insulin resistnace

these machines can give results of your arbitrary (instantaneus ) blood sugar but steady state values are not considered by doctors and even the patients

many of the times (if lipid profile and HBa1c are not made) doctors decide by just looking at the PPBS and fbs which is just a momentorily value

sir my HBA1c was above 10 now it is near 7 without medicines

i often check with machines and same blood tested in two diffenet machines givedifferent values

same blood tested twice in the same machine also gave two different values

based on my experience i wrote

sorry sir

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This is true to my case too. I'm still in doubt whether I'm diabetes or not as lab readings are always different

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sir pls let us know your reports value

No doubt no person of type 2 is permanently diabetic only type 1 may be

but 90 % of people are victims of medcine industry

im sure yu are not diabetic

i was tested as diabetic with nearly 500 ppbs 300+fbs 11+ Hba1c

i have not considered as diabetic since i am not taking medication

what about yu sir !!

Why not ask Accu check? Their customer care numbers are shown in the meters. You can also email them.

Okay. Thanks alot

Sir the conversation above is interesting.medicine is only to control.But unless you measure you can not use medicine which will suite you.So measuring is a must.After you standardise your menu you may not measure.But say HbA1c is a must .It will alert you .The best way is to standardardise you machine with a standard lab of your locality.Thanks.

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