any patient having same type of problems - got relived with some change of medications/food in take/life style - request expert advice?


I am now on diabetic condition medications :

Age : 64 - Obese - 102 kg

no exercise - no walking - sedentary life

15-06-14 Contour S glucometer reading at home :

BFS : 117 - PP 190,

BP normal 140/90 - Cholesterol normal 140

Food :

Morning tea - w/o sugar - 3 marie gold biscuits

Breakfast - 9-10 A.M. 2 idli - 4 nos. puri - alu kurma or Pongal

Tea w/o sugar : 1 P.M.

Lunch 2.30 P.M. : rice one / two measured bowl - veg. greens - boiled egg -


Tea w/o sugar : 6 P.M with marie 3 Nos.

Dinner : chappati 2/3 - with dhal / veg. kurma.

For diabetic control

Human mixtard : 50/50 - 30 units twice daily before food -

Jalra 50 twice daily before food,

Dionil twice daily before food.

For Neuropathic control :

Glycipage 850 twice daily after food

Gabantin 400 - 1-0-1

GLA - M 1-0-1

Galinerve M 75 - 0-0-1

Cardace H 5 mg. for BP - 0-0-1

Repace 50 " - 1-0-1

Aztor 10 mg for Cholesterol - 0-0-1

Etosalbetol for wheezing - 1-0-1

Sanasoff for constipation 0-0-1

suffering - sleep disorder some nights - stress - due to burning / tingling feet

Any remedial advice :

to lower the medicines - change some medicines and weight to

at least 75 kgs.

Request reply from same type of patients got relief as i wish to.

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3 Replies

  • I have already replied in your previous post.

    Read member atma's posts. His case is similar to yours. He was on list of drugs and overweight.

    Now he is in very good control of his diabetes.

  • Aloo korma. Man, i would faint if any one told me to eat that as a diabetic.

    Marie Biscuits? Throw everything of that and any thing which is called "DIABETIC Friendly" out of the house.

    Search LCHF and learn how to get control of sugar absed on diet change.

    If you do then you will surely have to monitor glucose more closely in order to avoid HYPOS. For this, first thing that would need to be done is reduce INSULIN shots.

    Bottom Line: CUT the CARBS, switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET.

  • Dear descentsmart,

    Their is a saying in my native language that if your remove the poison teeth from the snake then it will not harm you. Same way if you LIMIT the intake of poison(i call it) carb from your diet and just see the difference in your sugar level. You are exactly like my case. You can really get rid of 90% of these dangerous medication just by following lchf diet. It is up-to the will power of you sir. learn learn learn about lchf. and follow.

    good luck

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