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What should be the minimum Milk fat content in whole milk ?


Whole milk yogurt is recommended for LCHF dieters for its fat calories ..Whole milk is also called full fat milk . What should be the milk fat content in whole milk ? The definition of whole milk appears to be different for different countries .In India we get whole milk ( full fat milk) with 6 % milk fat .Other categories of milk will have reduced fat content from 4.5% right up to 0.5 % in skim milk . I have consumed the whole milk in USA which is not as tasty as it is in our country .From the nutrition data on the pack I could find the milk fat content in whole milk in USA which is 3.5% only..Higher fat products come under the category of dairy cream with varying fat content from 10% to 36 %. In India ,two popular dairy cream brands are available , Nilgiris brand with 40% milk fat and Amul brand with 25% fat .There seems to be no standardization in the definition of fresh cream or whole milk .Can any body from this august forum throw some light on what should be the minimum fat content in whole milk recommended for LCHF dieters

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The average fat content of whole cow milk can vary significantly from one herd to another, but is normally about 3.75%, and can range from 3.65% to 4.6% depending on the breed, the state of lactation, season/temperature, and diet fed to the animal. Genetics and inheritance account for 55% of the difference in milk content.

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