I have been a T2 diabetic for the past 10 years, insulin dependent. But lately tried venturing out low carb, high fibre and good protein

combination diet. However i did not see a whole lot of difference in my hbA1c. I was 7.8 in Nov and now lowered to 7.3 as of monday. A few things:-

1. I am complete vegetarian (no eggs/no meat/no seafood)

2. I eat organic food 90% of the time

3. Eat Greek yogurt

4. No smoke/no alcohol/no drugs

5. I have a sweet tooth but seldom i eat any candies/sweets...

6. Workout regularly

7. Sleep well at least 6-7 hours

8. Drink lots of water more than a gallon per day

9. Eat buckwheat, quinoa, teff, brown rice and all healthy picks

10. I do stevia(organic liquid) sometimes if i have my coffee...

Can you please advise!


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3 Replies

  • Dear Sir,

    You are doing great. Drop of .5 points in HbA1c indicates that you are on the right track. You may see further reduction in another 3 months.

    Incidentally what is the diabetic medication you are taking!

    Regards, ES

  • First off thanks for the reply and am a female :-)! I am on levemir insulin pen 30 units everyday once!

  • Its me usual self...drinking lots of water. Unsure if that water intake has to do anything with the diabetes? I am more so thinking maybe am an insulin resistant....and/or the medication is not working on me! Thanks for the your reply!

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