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Sugar Values after 1.5, 2 and 3 hours with Long Wheat (LWMD)

Hi members,

Here are my sugar values (PLBS) after eating Long Wheat (LWMD) in break fast:

After 1:30 hours: 113

After 2:00 hours: 106

After 2:30 hours: I did not want to waste my testing strip. :)

After 3:00 hours: 93

My diet chart before testing:

1. Around 600ml water on empty stomach.

2. Normal walking for 15 minutes.

3. Ate four raw almonds (not soaked).

4. Had Green Tea.

5. Had break fast of LWMD (prepared with around 100gm of Long Wheat) with 200gm of curd + brinjal curry (night's

curry) + omelet (2 eggs) + chana dal ground nut pudina chatni.

6. Had half tablet of Metasens-500. I also tested, previously, without taking any tablet after breakfast, and the values

varied by increase of 10%.

Last week I got tested my blood in laboratory. The results are as given below:

HbA1C remained at 6.2 ( I know the reasons, I was out of station most of the time in these 3months).

Lipid profile: Triglycerides: 210, Total cholesterol: 235, LDL cholesterol: 157, HDL cholesterol: 40, VLDL:42.

I am on Metasens-500 daily 1 and half tablet. For my previous history of diet and medication, you may please search my earlier posts on this forum.

It is just for info as asked by Mr. medfree. Others who (LWMD users) want to share their sugar values with LWMD on, are welcome.

I am not feeling hungry yet. It is 1PM already.



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I have been on LWMD since 07.10.2013. The preparation of LWMD is exactly as recommended by Mr. George and as suggested by him, I add diabetic friendly curries to LWMD. Right from the beginning, I am adding curd and eggs (mostly boiled egg whites) liberally.

Yes, my weight is reduced from 67/68kg to 63/64kg since I started eating LWMD.

In the last two months or so, I was here there and work-out wise, eating wise also there were many disturbances. In between, I had to sip a couple of glasses of beer in a party and for one week, I noticed increased sugar values after that. Now no more drinks since then.

But, what else you can suggest to bring my Triglycerides to normal and good HDL. My office doctor suggested a tablet for high Triglycerides, should I go with medicine to bring this under control? Which type of tablet would be safer one? And these lipid values are almost consistent for the third time test also, except Triglycerides value is reduced from 230 to 210.





Though I am not following LCHF strictly, I have reduced carbs and increased fat (whole milk, butter, nuts, whole egg. omlete, curd and ghee). before this my triglyceride was 299. now it is varying between 129-178 and cholesterol less than 200. HBA1C is between 5.6-5.8. my only problem is low HDL (38 to 41). next test will be on 1.4.14. I am not taking any medicine for diabetes and cholesterol. for high BP I am taking olmezest 10 mg daily and for astama allergy Monast LC (montelokast) for last 3 months.

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Hi sonu1196,

Will you please share your regular diet chart (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with me (if not here, may be through a personal message)? Earlier, I used to eat Amul Ghee regularly in my lunch before being identified with high sugar values. And is it OK to eat whole egg instead of egg white? I think exercise/ work-out is very much essential for high fat diet, is not it?



Someone might have already recommended if not, cold compressed flax seed (alsi) oil is really good to boost HDL.


no. ht 5'6" wt. 64kg


Please help me in finding a source of procuring Long Wheat (its Hindi Name) in South Delhi


Please help me in finding Long Wheat TELUGU name. Please.


Hi nanirama,

The name for Long Wheat in different languages was already mentioned in some of the posts by Mr. George. You can search his posts by typing his user name "shootergeorge" on this forum. By the way, why do you require telugu name, any specific purpose? For purchasing of Long Wheat ("Kapli Gehun" in Hindi), I have already mentioned the address of shop in Hyderabad. Here it is once again:

"Shree Bhagawathi Traders (Shree Lakshmi Kirana General Store) Siddam Bazar, Mahabooba Gunj Hyderabad-12. Phone: 09989005957/9246566301/9848988223."

Some other shops in the same street are also selling Long Wheat.



Pls help me by providing name and address of any shop in New Delhi/Delhi/Ghaziabad where I may get Long Wheat (LWMD). I will be greatful for prompt reply. Regards M P Shrivastava-+919811912676.




Ha ha..:) baaga cheppaaru. Podugu=Long, Godhumalu=Wheat.


Dear Sir,

Can anybody tell me where i can get long wheat in Bangalore.


someone advised before. check.


Search "Long Wheat Bangalore" in the Search Box at top Right Hand Corner. Then Go thro the posts.

One such post :



all the stores it called as samba wheat but in Mk ahemed

it is called as jawa wheat (labeled as)

from shivajinagar bus stand proceed toward St marys

church you will get meenakshi koil street walk torough and old poor house road will cut across turn to the right and imediate left you will get ebrahim sahab street enter go through and you will get jeweller street to your left ,enter inside and search for geetha stores near that in another corner store you will get it .Geetha stores is popular land mark in jeweller st,ask any body will tell guide you If could find the shop you will save lot money

good luck try




Did u check fasting sugar also, if yes what was the BS?


Hi Mr. Gupta,

Unfortunately, I did not check FBS prior to that test. But I always found my FBS around 90-95, at most 100 sometimes.



I'm on long wheat diet since Jan 18th. After a few days I started to see the good results, my fasting sugar was around 95 to 100 but 2hr after eating was not as good, it was 160 to 220. Only on march 2nd I had a dessert and my fasting sugar is messed up now to 130/135 and 2 hrs after eating is still like 160/220. I'm not eating any added sugars and breakfast is just the mash and lunch is one chappati and vegetables and curd and night is veg or meat side with mash. no fruits even though I'm dying to eat fruits. 3 hr after eating goes down to 100/105 range or if I run around in my living room it goes down very quickly. Waiting for summer, so I can get out for walks. I'm taking two metformin in the morning and two at night with meal. I was hoping to reduce it but I don't see it coming. It makes me wonder how much this mash is helping me. I don't know why one day dessert messed up everything for so many days now. I won't bother with A1c yet as my last one in march was at 135 which included only 3 weeks of wheat diet. next one is due in may and will see how it goes, but my daily numbers don't look good anymore.


How would I get the value for this wheat which I use 55 gram of dry wheat per serving which is two servings a day. I know it's not 110 gram as the actual 100gm of carb value is not driven from the weight. I would prefer this wheat over others just from the known fact that it's better than the regular wheat. I don't even look for a cure just whatever can keep me off the insulin. My goal is to keep my level around 100 even though the A1c of 100 can be average of highs and lows. Last night 2 hr after dinner it was 9.7 and after 45 minute walk it came down to 5.3 but what about those two hrs which by putting together after each meal is at least 6 hrs when the sugar is high. I'm sorry I can't find the conversion chart for me sugar level under 6 is normal. Medfree when you say 100 gram of carb what does it roughly comes down to eating, like what kind of carb. As fruits have carbs, some vegetable have carbs, all grains and lentils have carbs. except all greens and meats everything else has carbs. Please tell me if that's what you consume in a day and if so what is your daily food chart is like. I'm 5'6 and 118lb is that rule of thumb for 100gm goes for any body type. Thanks


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