Diabetes India

Age 62 Wt 54 Ht 5' 9"

9.00am breakfast 2 idlis 1/2 vada followed by 250 mg Glynase MF.

11.00 am BS 252 (glucometer) high

11.00 am one cup

Coffee without Sugar

12.00 noon small qty salad

1.00 pm before lunch found BS very low 84. Need explanation and suggestion for management. I want 2 hr pp bs to come under control and also avoid low at 3 to 4 hr period. Thanks

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Your breakfast contains too much carb.What is your fbs?


Today it was 115


It is obvious that the spike in bs is due high carb.please go for low carb. diet. Nothing to worry,you are quite alright.


I am concerned at the delayed effect of the tablet.


Please see todays result.

9.00 am one medium onion and 2 eggs scramble, 1 idli

(1/2 tab glynase mf)

10.45 coffee w.o. sugar

11.00 am BS 96

11.15 am 1 idli

1.00 pm BS 115

Looks good?


But it is unfortunate that people at home doo not reconcile to this. Food is mostly rice and rice related. While on some days we manage on our own, we get bored after some time stick to medicine. ADA spy at home?


See this:

Yday night 10.00pm (11/2). 2 chapathis, cucumber salad (1 med.) 1 cup rasam, 1 cup butter milk, NO MEDICIne).

Morning 8.00 am FBS 130

1 cup coffee w.o. sugar.

9.15 am: 2 egg scramble with onion. No medicine.

11.15 am PP BS 110

Lesson: cut chapathi to one


Why don't u try cinnamon, get few sticks of that, dry it well and grind them in a mixy.... take half teaspoon of in half an hour before your breakfast ..may be with little water, then test your sugar, it will be normal, besides, u must control your diets and avoid Potatoo and such things, surely half an hour jogging daily , that is most important... then u are secured a lot....but u should keep it up. Wish u all the best.


13/2 FBS 128 (medfree - last night chapathi size to relook)

13/2 9.15 am breakfast of tomato, apple and cucumber salad.

11.15 am PP BS 122

Reason for posting in the forum isto commit for Low carb diet and to manage w.o. medicine. I need to bring my fasting and post lunch BS under control. Suggestions. welcome


2 eggs scramble is giving better glucose management than salad and more nutritious except fiber part.


Yes. But for variety it shd be ok. May be more of cucumber and less of fruits may help. And 122 by all standards is normal BS level


14/2 Fasting 135 (Previous night dinner, one dosa with greens, cucumber and papaya.

14/2 PPBS 136 (breakfast forced to take rava uppuma allegedly with lots of vegetales (onion, capscicum, tomato) ) Took only small qty


Any suggestion for bringing down Fasting sugar?


15/2 fasting sugar 114. Dinner predominantly of vegetables soup and vvery little rice( 1tbs) just to please the home ministry, and butter milk. My PP sugar also has come below 120. And post lunch also coming below 130. All with diet and no medicines. WOW! These numbers were not achieved earlier even with medicine and also suffered frequent low sugar. Now that fear also gone. Getting clear what not to eat and also educatibg home ministry to fall in line and understand my diet requirement. Target FBS <100.


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