Transitional,transient or short duration diabetes do affect certain persons during certain period of time,though not a recognised phenomenon

I have seen many persons who are affected by diabetes (all lab. Tests confirm that),who after a varying period of time,with or without medication are completely cured of condition.diabetes never returned to them despite eating every thing and they are living a perfectly normal life ,Though no reference of such cases is found in medical literature.

It appears that there comes a phase in life when extreme stress an d

strain in life precipitates diabetes whether potential diabetic or not .When those precipitating factors are gone or removed body returns to normalcy ,thereby curing the disease.It is just like diabetes of pregnancy,which is cured with the termination of pregnancy.It is a known fact that stress and strain aggravate diabetes.

Any views.

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  • There are indeed several triggers that manifest diabetes and it is also possible that diabetes may abate by itself ,once the the causative factor such as stress is alleviated.I think there are still several grey areas in our knowledge of diabetes.All that one can do is to monitor his condition regularly and protect himself accordingly.This is particularly true in case of persons with known family history,obesity or irregular life style habits.At the same time,utmost study and care is require to tackle diabetes safely and successfully,since there several schools of thought floating around about how to manage diabetes.

  • dear menon,

    you have correctly observed.

    but the the transient appearance is somewhat known to the medical world.this has hapened to me too several times ,in non medicine also. i discover something - and it is already there , and i have only rediscovered it.

    in text books of medicine, it can be seen that diabetes is classified as primary and secondary.

    "Secondary diabetes is diabetes that results as a consequence of another medical condition.''''''.............

    "Secondary diabetes will often be permanent but for some forms, it may be possible to reverse or eradicate the effects of hyperglycemia.'"

    this secondary effect is somewhat universal in desease.

    for eg.

    you have leg pain.

    u go to many doctors. the pain remains. then you go to some local man who treats and massages your back bone with medicated oil.

    . pain disappears permanently.

    it was a dislocation in the spine which got corrected by the massage.the dislocation was pressing on the nerve leading to the leg.

    we have explained it ,but the local village vaidyan, medical man, CURED it.

    but what is fallacious is that people making a long jump to -science is poor and our old systems are superior!

    thanks for listening


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