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Is 'Koral Diba Care' effective for Diabetes


I watched an advertisement on B4U channel where they are promoting Ayurvedic Medicine 'Koral Diba Care' for controlling and curing diabetes promising the 100% cure for diabetes. I picked their website '' from B4U channel, but when I typed this website address, Internet browser jumped to I would appreciate an advise from anyone who has tried this product, so I can go ahead with it, if it really works.

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Thank you Anup. It means a lot to me.

Dr. Nasseem1,

Either I write bad English or you have very poor understanding of English. Read my question once again. Be positive. If you cannot be of help, at least do not falsely accuse others. Stay out of this chat.

I've no idea about this .. If you are going to try letme know.. I would like to know the consequences...!! P.S. :- " I don't believe in these kind of herbal medicines".

Thanks Vini. Looks like these Advertisers have no work but to play with sufferer's emotions to earn money. I feel that nobody has tried it and I am not going to risk it. I am on diabetes medicines for the last 12 years. On fasting my sugar level is between 115 to 150. If I eat anything extra, it shoots To 180 above. I am fad up of taking medicines, that is why my mind keeps wandering in search of medicine that might work.

Thanks anyway.

I have read somewhere that in case of some specific disease,herbal medicines work wonder!These medicines are results of medical science of India called Ayurveda.In the case of diabetes,what is response of these medicines is not known to me.

@ Michael_s

Do not go for such type of products.Wastage of money,time.

Please see the TV Channel Caution Notification before advertisement is aired / telecast, that they (Channel) is not responsible for the advertisement or the product they are advertising. It is the sole responsibility of the person to be responsible for the products they deal with..

This is an excellent product and I am finding it useful. Stop discrediting. In 2months, I have substantial improvement.

They (manufacturers) are claiming for only one month?

norreal in reply to Gudugudu

Why do you rule out improvement in blood glucose score because of other factors?

Thank you all. I am a bit confused and decided not to go with 'Koral Diba Care' medicine.

khan3110 in reply to Michael_S

i would like to share my experience about this product as my dad use from 2 months, he is under control using 1st month does and feel very much confurtable in next month as a precautions he is using 2nd month too, if wana ask anymore can whatsapp at my number + 91 90390 48148

Scientific fact is that 2 kilograms of most revered bitter gourd (Karela) may temporarily improve score that 800 grams of Metformin (Glucophage) achieves! We falsely credit lots of herbs with score improvement we achieve because of diet and exercise management.


I like to ask.. if someone knows something about stem therapy for diabetes there any one. Who practically knows anything abt it.. pls donot give your reviews just as your personal opinion. Pls reply if you knw some one who under go this procedure

Thank you

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