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Reversal, cure of diabetes


Reversal to normal or cure are not possible in diabetes.

You can at the most bring it in control.

You can potentially harm yourself in believing such false claims, and staying away from the time tested available medicines


Those who claim cures have given false values or they have had a stress induced temporaririly aquired diabetic status, which can of course reverse..

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And there are those who will pray on your behalf,tell your number as per your name there by sealing your fate and others who take out stuff from their backyards like drumstick leaves,package

the powder and peddle it giving it a fancy name like Moringa at a fancy price.Seems diabetes is a fertile hunting ground for this type of people.Only competition appears to be from baldness.

I agree. be careful, always. there is no short cut.

Can you please send the details , whether it is only medicine or yoga + some method.

If you share it will help thousands of people.

Pl. share ur experience Mr. ellylobo4life.

Living on Pills/insulin is no way of treating a Diabetic Patient. This way of treating the patients is simply to encourage them to live on hope that one day they might get cured. But the end is obivious. Patient dies of not only Diabetic but also with other complications arising out of it like heart disease, kidney failure, liver failure. To be true, Medical fraternity has not probably applied their mind to the immune system of the human body. Instead of finding new & potent medicines to control diabetics, if they try to find out ways and means to revive the functions of pancreas perhaps a solution the endangered situation of increasing nos of diabetics all over the world would come handy. Instead of being negative to say that there is no cure of diabetic, one should encourage to find ways & means available in other therapies to eliminate the situation from the route.

If what u say is true, it deserves to be verified by experts. May be the guy may get Noble prize for medicine, and all the Diabetic community will be ever grateful to him/her

35yrold taking insulin now being free of it , has issues to explain.

a person can be put on insulin without proper baseline evaluation

and on careful re evaluation using sensible dieting, and weight reduction come to a potential stage where he may not need insulin any more


But this is also a temporary phase and they will show poor glucose tolerance in due course and may need to be treated as DM type II and some day will still need insulin

Try your method with childhood insulin dependent diabetes if you feel that your claims are true.

Iam sorry I may not be able to attend seminars.Neither I am ready to experiment on assumptions and presumptions.

Like You i have also learnt many hard lessons from diabetes entirely on my own and I am aware what works and what does not.

Pl send me the details of the product to control DIabetics. DVRAO.

Try LWMR - Long wheat mash regime. George shooter has cured himself of diabetes.

I have been taking two of the medications mentioned and I down to one tabelt per day from 3 tabs a day. and continue to maintain my A1C around 7.1 for last one year. I believe in Homeopathy and it has no or very little side effects.

HBA1c7.1 is not a good indicator of control.

I agree there may be no side effects. infact BMJ had published data that it has only a "placebo" effect hence it would be better not to take risk of withholding the available allopathic medications

Instead of your search for a cure,try it along with traditional oral drugs and see if those homeo medicines can atleast help you to reduce your oral drug dose.

you have reduced the oral pills dose too early,based on your projected control of sugar by the homeo medicines.

with HBA1c at 7.1,reflecting not a good control,you should revert back to your usual dose and wait till your HBA1c is around6.5.

As per your HBA1c of 7.1, I expect your Fasting sugar around 140,and PP sugar around 160 with urine testing positive for sugar in 2 hours post lunch sample. If the results are better with no urine sugar,thank your stars,but

get your HBA1c, repeated from another reliable lab

Can I know how to reverse diabetes?

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