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Papaya For Uric Acid/Gout Problem

Papaya For Uric Acid/Gout Problem

Papaya For Uric Acid/Gout Problem

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First boil at least 3 liters of water, wash

properly a green papaya of medium size, slice

and remove the seeds, then cut into small

cubes then place into the water and bring to

boil, then add tea leaves (oolong) or green tea

at least 5 bags similar to the tea making

process. This is very effective for treatment of

GOUT/URIC ACID. Frequently drinking this

formula will heal the pain you've been

suffering. Important point, skin of the papaya

should be included !

Dosage: Drink frequently. About 3-4 glasses a

day. After symptoms are cured, drink once

every week to maintain alkaline state of the


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What is DIA-B-mICRON?



BTW : i am 63, diabetic for 20 years, with insulin Human Mixtard 50 - 30 units twice, dionil twice a day before breakfast and dinner same way : Glychipage 850 after food. with diet control , no exercise or walking or sedentary life due to obese with 105 kgs.

Pls. inform : whats gout means, what type of pain it gives?

because i have burning sensation on upper side of feet in one or both feet together, also in sides often. I take peveska plus one cap. after dinner/gabantin400 twice a day/galinerM 75 after dinner/GLA M twice a day, all for this nerve problem, what i heard from Dr. Pls. advice.


recent check result : FBS : 92 on 22-11-13 PP : 150 still having this burning / prickling or tingling / numbness : sensation in the feet often.


Hello my name is owais & I'm 24 year of age i ve uric acid 8.1 so i want best medicine for this


Hi Owais Bhat...Wher r u frm??

Are u still having high uric acid problem??


Probably; fructose contributes to uric acid, as does too much protein or alcohol. Eat some natural fat instead.

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hi , i'm Helen ,SO thankful that you have shared some alternative medication for gout, my mother suffered for how many years in gout ,she was taking arcoxia 120mg and allupurinol 300 mg, but she was not cured totally, The pain covered from her back ,also in the upper leg in between lower abdomen her legs so weak cant afford to stand., for this time i will try the green papaya


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