My fasting sugar level is between 130 to 155, and two hrs after lunch it is between 130 and 140. How do i reduce my fbs ?

what is the name of long wheat in gujarati , because i live in gujarat, Is Jouv the right answer ? Jouv is available here but it is with husk. when i asked the shopkeeper i want jouv without husk , he gave me another packet with barley written on it . Is barley same as jouv without husk..?


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  • Please search for LONG WHEAT on this site.You will get all the earlier posts on the subject.

  • Long wheat is Khapli Gehun. New crop is now coming /will come depending where u live. Barley comes from the field with husk and the husk is taken out - then it is known as Pearlized barley. You teach me how to make god khakra and I can show you how to enjoy Barley i so many ways. You can even make a very light beer with the skinned barley - it will add new life to you kidneys. Barley when added to flour also gives you better Khakra as Barley has lower water absorption, being gluten free. Add add add and you will never need dialysis in life, ever.

  • Go for 30-45 min walk after dinner and yr FSL will come down. Yr pancreas is in good shape. You are eating a heavy dinner and eating it late. Your sabji has lot of good, wife gives you jalebis after dinner, boy i am jealous of you.

  • I live in Gujarat too, but could not locate long wheat, as required by diabetics.

  • even i cannot find long wheat in surat, ..... so i bought jouv, i.e wheat with husk and ground it into atta along with the husk and i eat chappatis made from this atta....will this work.....

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