this is the picture of emmer/ferro wheat which is considered long wheat, but it does not look like the posted images by people from india??

this is the picture of emmer/ferro wheat which is considered long wheat, but it does not look like the posted images by people from india??

Please give me your opinion if this is the right kind, farmer told me that the country's climate and even each year if it rains more or less can make the difference in the colour of the crop but this is the organic emmer wheat's picture from a farmer in alberta, canada.


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  • Rye grain is the long wheat, which is in between Wheat + Barley.

  • This grain called Rye, this is a composition of Barley ( jau) & Wheat properties. This is good for diabetes. Mahesh Khandelwal,


    this site tells that rye and emmer are not the same. I have also sent an email to the farmer to find out.

  • Very informative link. Thank you 634shy.

  • confirmed with the farmer where i got this picture from, this is emmer and rye is a different grain which is also very good for diabetic people.

  • In kannada janvi godi r nir godi also in marathi khapali gahu called is it true?

  • These pages may clarify things. MYPOST PICTURE OF LONG WHEAT PACKET MYPOST6 Long Wheat Another Picture Long Wheat yet another picture Emmer/Ferro Wheat picture Name in different languages

  • it does look like rye, actually i looked at rye images and they look more reddish and exactly like the ones people have posted on this site. a farm in bc has more reddish emmer wheat but we get rye breads here in all markets why it never say emmer on them. I have not came accross on site so far while searching for emmer which mention rye anywhere. I'll have to figure it out. and yes rye is way better than a lot of grains.

  • I have also tried in vain to locate Long Wheet in Bangalore. Could anyone throw some light on where in Bangalore it could be available?


  • Mr.Narsimhan,

    It is available in Jaivik.

    Jaivik is an organic society located in Lalbagh (next to Lalbagh Main gate entrance).

    Pls refer to following link for their contact numbers

    Long wheat is known as Jave ghodi in Jaivik.

    I had procured from there and got it Confirmed from Mr.George, that is the right one.

    Refer this link :

    Let me know, if you need any more info.

  • Yes in kannada it is called javegodi OR neer godi in marathi khapali gahu it is available in rural area

  • thank you, the picture does fall between the pictures on these links. I can order but it's not available until november, i have patience.

  • Be patient; at the fullness of time things will happen. There is a time for everything - Says Holy Bible.

  • This is wheat which grow in Indian field. Its colour and size may differ.

  • This is exactly is long wheat and known as jau barely produced specially in north but not now a days.

  • Hi kksharma,

    I think a very very important point that was brought up earlier has come up now from you also. I am glad about that. Long Wheat = Jau Wheat not Jau Barley; that is it.

  • Mr George I have searched all over in Amritsar but failed to get long wheat.the name Javi is not long wheat as told in the mail of yours.theshopkeepers say there is no wheat called long relatives cultivat wheat and they too say there is wheat called by the name long wheat.can you please tell me the name of the merchant in north India from whom I can buy .

  • Nitin in Gujarati Jav, Gund, Gehu(wheat),Kalonji four items.

  • The picture is exactly jau and it canot be wheat at any cost in north it is known as jau-means barely and it is used to make dalia of jau which is very healthy in eating.Even in my child hood we use to eat mix flour of jau and grams.

  • In North America the farmer can't sell it as Emmer wheat if it's not. The above food control body would not allow it. Also, I have barley in my kitchen cupboard and the length of the grain is half of the size of this picture wheat. It is not Jaun/Jau which is readily available every where in Canada. I think I had attached a site which contains all the grain's discriptions. This is definitely not rye or jau.

    I just didn't want to advertize untill the farmer hull it and I receive it as promised. Rye does look like this but a bit redder and that's where I got confused not that this farmer was lying to me or something. So Now from the site which expains the facts about all the grains clear my doubts that Rye and Emmer are not the same.

  • hi shy

    Do you know where to find long wheat in US. OR suggest if it called with different name.

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