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about crack in thumb finger in both legs?

hello everyone iam a type 1 diabetes for more than 25 years iam taking insulin human actrapid and human insulated 20-0-20 each now iam having a crack in my thumb finger in both legs i went to doctor he gave me a foot cream diafoot iam using it more than a month but it not working please anyone tell good cream to vanish the crack my blood test



hba1c -8.1%

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DEAR SIR, I advise you to disconnect friendship with (VISIBLE FATS) usage of NV foods, oils, ghee, sugar and SALT and take white rece only cooked 100g rice with a puka and veg.juice and raw soaked dallas with a FRUIT AS BREAKFAST AND NIGHT 3 pulkas with raw-veg. adding lemon or its juice. Maintain timings for lunch 12 noon and dinner sharp by 7pm.


thank you


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