about crack in thumb finger in both legs?

hello everyone iam a type 1 diabetes for more than 25 years iam taking insulin human actrapid and human insulated 20-0-20 each now iam having a crack in my thumb finger in both legs i went to doctor he gave me a foot cream diafoot iam using it more than a month but it not working please anyone tell good cream to vanish the crack my blood test



hba1c -8.1%

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  • Respected Saravananck,

    we have done this process on many people and it has given good effect to heal cracks in type 1 diabetic people.

    you will be needing this herbs which are easily available in market.

    a) Turmeric powder .( if posible get it pure).

    b)neem leaf powder.

    c) neem oil.

    d) quadriderm ointment.

    Take 4 glass of water and keep it to boil.

    Add 3 rice spoon neem powder and 1 rice spoon turmeric powder.

    keep steering water with spoon so that powder doesn't form balls.

    let water boil for 10 min till 2 glass water remains.

    let water cool for 20 min.

    when water is still warm take small spoon and keep pouring water on cracks and around whole thumb .

    or you can pour water in plate and keep your feet in plate with water. keep feet for 10 min in water.

    after 10 min dry your feet with towel and clean the cracks.

    pls apply azadirachta indica oil( called as neem oil) on small plastic sheet and wrap it on your thumb.

    keep it wrapped for 3-4 hrs. So that skin of thump gets soft and little oil is absorbed by skin.

    after 3-4 hrs again do same process of putting your feet in neem and turmeric water.

    Be sure water is warm .

    after 10 min wipe your feet dry and apply quadriderm ointment on cracks.

    in matter of 3-4 days your cracks will heal.

    you can also start some home remedies to reduce your sugar level to reduce insulin units.

    consult some herbal expert who can reduce your insulin.

  • thank you

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