Will do anything to get better.... Please read

Hello everyone... I can see that every one is fighting with diabetes some are stressed some. Are living happily.. Best of luck for both  of them... 

Iam type 2 diabetic now.. Iam diagnosed with diabetes in September 21 2014...and that day removed earth under my Feet cause I don't have any history in my family so how do and why  do get that disease... 

In the end the conclusion is autoimmunity... 

After no use of orals on me doctors put me to insulin... 

First the dosage was low as 10 units then it kept going high till 18... And I woke up and I decided that one day Iam going to cure this goddamn thing from My Life.. 

From the first day sugar above 400 til now below 150...iam fighting it everyday... 

.. Iam. Thin only 50 kgs so there is no way I can lose more weight... 

Now I take half 1mg Amaryl only with breakfast... 

This is the best I could do till now but Iam chasing it till Iam out of Medicine... I want more knowledge so I can make dream come true... 

I can see some people like shooterGeorge got something that can cure me and more like me... 

If anyome want to experiment a med(Ayurvedic)  tell me I will do that with full faith....  

Thank you for reading... Best. Luck... 

ॐ श्री स्वामी समर्थ 

जय श्रीराम 

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  • Autoimmunity? 

    Auto carbohydrate!


  • If you have brought blood sugar from 400 to less than 150, that also without insulin,then my compliment . You have done a wonderful job. Keep it up with whatever you are doing.

  • Thank you patliputra... But Iam seeking more... I want no meds have you seen anyone done this.... 

  • Congratulation. What is the ayurvedic medicin you are taking pl let the people of this foram know so that they all can be benefited . 

  • Thank you bshindepatil.. I will create the post of Ayurvedic medicine I've been taking it really really works... 

  • @sp007,

    The answer is simple -- LCHF

    I've been T ll diabetic for over 20 years & have now successfully & happily tamed the beast in less than a month by adopting LCHF.

  • Whatve you really done... I wanna know your success story... 

  • Hi sp007. Ive just been visiting dlife.in and trying to follow as best as possible. The good people (Veterans) there have been a source of endless encouragement. The best part is that it is also FUN -- stuff that I love & thought I couldn't eat e.g. Butter, eggs, animal fats etc., etc... are OK to eat ...

    Additionally, it makes U feel so much more alive & energetic!!

    Just visit the site. 

    Don't get so desperate -- you're very young & have just been diagnosed. It'll be very easyfor U to reverse the problem.

  • Thank you very much pummi.... I really wanna reverse this... I will visit the website... 

  • Great and congratulation. Since you have tamed diabetes, spread the LCHF word to every diabetic that you meet. Word of mouth publicity will lead to faster growth of LCHF diet and also making people are how mainstream is pushing a HORRIBLE diet just for selling drugs.

  • Forgot to mention -- I owe a HUGE thanks to U Anupji.

    You were my first point of contact withdlife & furthermore, when I read your story under ' success stories' it really motivated me more than I can express. 

    GodBless U Sir!!

    You've been a real Savior to me.

  • But I don't see your success story there. ;)

    Pl do post whenever you have free time, unless you have already done and yr username there is not the same as the one here.

    Glad that I could be of help. I also learned this from others :)

  • Anupji you're quite correct. Actually I encountered you on dlife. ( Pramod Singh) You might remember me as the guy who jumped the gun on the first Lipids testing 😊😊.

    I am not yet posting much since 

    (a) I'm on a ship hence communication is iffy. 


    (b) the only source of testing I have at the moment is my trusty Glucometer & weighing scales.

    In any case it's early days yet. Waiting till it gets FIXED into my lifestyle ( read psyche.. !!


  • Aah.

    Now I remember. No hurry :)

  • :-)

  • Anupji, got a couple of doubts that U can help me clear:

    I'm doing IF (skipping B/fast everyday) -- to accelerate weight loss. Question is -- do I take my medication as normal? 

    I'm currently on Galvusmet 50/1000 x BD for sugar and other meds for hypertension.

    I feel I can't take meds on an empty stomach & at the same time I don't want to break the IF. 

    Pls advice from your experience.


  • I have come down from 290 fasting, 390 ppbs and 13 hba1c to  around 100 fasting 120 -140 ppbs and < 6 hba1c without any medicine. Only diet and life style.  

  • I often quote your case as one of the many success stories on LCHF :)

  • Please tell what things you did to make these changes.... If you typed somewhere share links.. 

  • Can anyone help me what is LCHF diet?

  • healthunlocked.com/diabetes...

    U can check other posts from me by clicking on my username.

  • I've read most of the rules of LCHF diet and Iam surprised that Iam following nearly all of the rules since the day one.... 

    Just never thought that egg n meat is eligible for diabetic patients.....

    But some diabetics with weak intestines can't process non veg and hot (chillified) food they must look for that it can take them too trouble in some years.. 

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  • OK.. We will see it after everything fails.. 

  • Can you share with me your ayurvedic medicine and what doses to be taken.

  • Yes Iam happy to do that...