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1) What went wrong for sudden problem in foot & Knee? Best option to resolve the same

2) Is this problem is leading to Diabetic neuropathy p

Hi Friends,

On 30th July 13, I had a FEVER for more than 4 days and I was under medication for all 4 days and started recovering from 7th day on-wards. Following were my prescription:-

1) Medomal 500mg for 3 days [ 1-1-1]

2) Enerzol

3) Etoxib 60 for 2 days [1-0-1]

Though I have recovered, but I am still having following problems:-

1) Sever pain on Right hand Figures.

2) on returning from my daily walk at 7.30am or 8 am. after relaxing for some time i feel both the foots & Legs up till knee are painful causes unable to get up & stand straight, can't move freely and can't step down from stairs as any normal person does.

for the same FOOT pain problem I consulted other physician on 8th Aug, who wrote;-

1) ETOVA 1-0-1 for 3 days

2) STAMINA OD 0-0-1 for 20days

in spite of the above medication the pain was persist and I have consulted Ortho - he recommended as follow's on 22nd Aug 13;-

1) Nimulase 1-0-1 for 5 days

2) Indocaf SR 75mg 0-0-1 for 5 days

Foot pain was Nil for 2nd day medication itself. But re-occurred once the medication stopped and I have visited again and met the same ortho. He Advised the below medicine on 30th Aug 13 as,

1) Etora ER 600mg 1-0-1 for 5 days

2) Glucozone 1-0-1 for 2 weeks

My Recent sugar level's are-

18th July 2013 FBS @ 8.03am 141, @ 8.32am 130 & PPBS @ 11.46 am 201(1.5hour after B/f)

1st Sept 2013 RBS @ 12pm noon - 166 & HBA1c - 8.1%

3rd Sept 2013 RBS @ 6.08pm - 88mg/DL

5th Sept 2013 RBS @ 5.04pm - 96mg/DL

5th Sept 2013 FBS @ 8.03am 130, & PPBS @ 10.59am 240 (1.5hour after B/f)

Apart from the above said medicines, my sugar tablets are as follow's:-

a) TAB: Amryl 3 mg 1-0-1 {Before Food}

b) TAB: Istamat 50/1000 1-0-1 {After Food}

c) TAB:TELIDIL H 0-0-1

d) TAB:ECOSPRIN 75 0-0-1

e) TAB: STOREFIB 140 0-0-1

f) TAB: MAXEPA 0-0-1

Could you please anyone advise,

1) What went wrong for sudden problem in foot & Knee? Best option to resolve the same

2) Is this problem is leading to Diabetic neuropathy problem? Best Doctor to treat this in Bangalore

Look forward to have as many as opinion/suggestion in this regard.


Chandra Kanth B

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First of all Thank you very much for your reply. As advised

My diabetes was noticed - around 2005-06.

My age = 40 yrs (17/12/1972),

My height = 172 cms,

My weight = 81 Kg's,

Details of food/drink intake like what:- Early after wake up (6.20am) = 1 tumblers of warm water, Walking from

6.20am onward till 7.45am= Walking and little body worming,

7.45/8am = 1 cup of coffee 75 ml w/o sugar.

8.45 to 9.30 = B/f 3 Wheat chappathi's with Chattni/dal or 5 Ragi Dosa or 4 rava idlies

9.30 to 13.00 = 2-3 ltr of water, a glass of butter milk

13.30 to 14.00 = Lunch 3 Wheat chappathi's with Chattni/dal/sambar or 5 Ragi Dosa or 4 rava idlies or 3 jawar Roti with Veg curry

15.00 to 16.30 = 1 cup of coffee 75 ml w/o sugar.

18.30 to 19.30 = 1 Bhel puri / Masala puri + 1 Pani puri { Weekly 3-4 times}

20.30 to 21.30 = Dinner 3 Wheat chappathi's with Chattni/dal/sambar or 5 Ragi Dosa or 4 rava idlies or 3 jawar Roti with Veg curry

22.15 to 22.30 = 1 glass of Badam Milk/Butter Milk

Between 22.30 to 23.00 = Book Reading before sleep off.

Weekly/Fortnightly = 1 coconut thunder water

Completely avoided RICE since last June-13 except prasadam if received at temple.

p.s: I don't Drink/Smoke

Look forward to answer any of your quires to modify the diet to reverse diabetic in coming years.


Chandra Kanth B



Mr chadrakanth,

Your carbohydrate intake is too much.You are taking 9 chapati per day which is 200 gms carbohydrate plus In between meals u r taking lot of carbohydrate. cut carbohydrate to 100-120 gms per day and feel the difference.Avoid wheat,rice millet, cereals from ur meals and switched to LCHF diet


Hi Rapo, what do u suggest my meal plan should be. pls note as a alternative I eat uppma or Ravi dosa 5 or rava idly 2, prepared at home.


Thanks for or reply. while preparing chapathis we add half a tea spoon of oil per chapathy as recomanded to consume for a day by dietician. I request to note I also consume Ragi dosa/uppma as a alternative food to chapathy. I shall start long wheat chapathy soon and inform you the development at the earliest. I am also interested to know the reason n planned to get rid of foot pain as this may disturb my walking habit.


my blood suger130..>[fasting]>befor 160 level ;, haight 168cm ;, weight 83 kg ; age 55years ; my foot pain probelam verey strong and stamak olser ,daigitaion probelam on 10 years


There is some common agreement with the other replies. You need to get a grip on your carbohydrate control because all carbohydrate is turned to glucose in the body. Keep your carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate), ideally 3 meals x 4 carb portions. Follow this link uk.sitestat.com/diabetes/we...

Eat low GI carbs. Follow this link glycemicindex.com/

Make up the balance of your meals with natural, additive-free, unprocessed protein and fat foods such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, coconut oil, palm oil (not hydrogenated), olive oil, butter, ghee, duck fat, goose fat, and lard.


start doing yog asanas and prayanayama daily all problems will vanish. one hour in morning and one hour in the evening.Start long brisk walks at least five kms and see the result in 90 days .thereafter you will love this exercise regime and all blood sugar levels will come ubder ur control.


you may try accupuncture , suzok, or you can contect Dr.Suresh Nagersekhar 9322846684

From Dhiren Shah



Hi Me free, can u through some light on LCHFD pls



Friend, it is to be cleared that you were not affected with rheumatic fever.The symptoms lead to that.Your hba1c is higher.That means the medicine effects for the past 3 months is not very effective in reducing the levels.I too was unable to control the fasting /post levels with metformin 500x2 per day My regular doctor prescribed GLIMEPIRDE 1mg before breakfast and glycomet 500mgafter food This brought my fasting level to 72 .I am walking daily.For leg pain and fingure pain i am using RHUS TOX200(homoeo)it is very effectve in my experience. Pl consult your doctor


Hi mummydaddy70, Thanks for your kind reply and Will do as advised.


diabetes foot or numbness is to be taken seriously ..I also recommend you to go through the following article for better understanding :



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