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I am type 2 diabetic I loose my weight from75 kg to 70 kg in last 3 years

in 2009 my fasting sugar was 165 and PPBS was 300

due to hard running and speedy walking in 2010/11/12 these level had reduced to 130/ 170 respectively Now since october 2012 as per advice of my local doctor I am taking Amrayl

1 mg tab 1/2 a day and due to the tab. fasting sugar is reduced to 100 and ppbs to 140 HBA1C WAS 6.3 IN FROM JAN 2013 TO MARCH2013 ,

HBA1C for the period of 3 months prior to june 2013 was 6.1

but weight is 70.6 kg only so pl advice me for gaining weight up to 75 kg my height is 175 cms

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You can use "Aloe Vera" juice from Forever products. it is very useful as food supplyment. if taken with other supplymentary tablets, it willl help you. u can contacts..8767956602 for more details. All the best.


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