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Herbal Remedy For DIABETES..No Side effects | No Surgery |

Herbal Remedy For DIABETES..No Side effects | No Surgery |

Herbal & Homeopathy is the best medicine for diabetes, in a short period of less than a year or two, the sugar level will become normal & you can stop the medicine, in some patients's the duration may be longer depending on the condition of the patient and how long he/she suffered from diabetes, it will also remove the tiredness, joints pain and keep's the person active.


About Medicine

Medicine Type - Capsules

Capsules Per Month - 120

Usage of Capsules - 2 - 0 - 2 ( Before food )

Cost per Month - Rs. 750/- ( including courier charges in INDIA )

Please avoid white sugar completely while on medication

It will be good if you are on diet, but not mandatory

Instructions on how to use our medicine:

1. If you are already taking any other medicine, DO NOT STOP it immediately, Kindly follow the below Procedure:

Take 2 Capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the night along with other medicine that you are already taking

After 15 days, Reduce the other medicine by 50% ( for example, if you are taking 1 tablet, make it as half tablet ) along with our capsules

After 30 days, Reduce the other medicine by 25% ( for example, since you are taking half tablet, make it as quarter tablet ) along with our capsules

After 45 days, completely stop other medicine and continue taking our capsules ( 2 - 0 - 2 , Before food )

2. If you are not taking any other medicine for Diabetes, Usage of Capsules - 2 - 0 - 2 ( Before food )

Note: The Sugar Level May Raise Initially For Few Months & Gradually Becomes Normal, So Do Not Panic Or Worry About It, Once the Sugar Level comes to 110, you can stop the medicine.

"Diabetes CANNOT BE CURED AT ONCE, It will gradually come down to normal level when you use this capsules & follow our instructions'

Ingredients of the Capsule:


Syzygium jambolanum

Azadirachta indica

Curcuma longa

Evolvus alsinoides

Ocimum sanctum

Abutilon indicum

Enicostemma littorale

Terminalia arjuna

Cocos nicifera

Ficus bengalensi

Aristolochia bracteata

Cassia auriculata

Cynodon dactylon

Tinospora cardifolia

Phyllanthus emblica

Ficus bengalensis

Ficus glomerata

Terminalia chebula

Terminalia bellireca

Piper nigrum

Piper longum

Lippia nodiflora

Ficus glomerata

Centella asiatica

Trigonella fornumgracem

Phyllanthus niruri

Kandaka parpam

Silasathu parpam

Abbiaraga parpam,......, etc

NOTE:- We are not forcing anybody to take our medicine nor we are promoting or misusing this forum as our business developing site.. There are various treatments available for diabetes.. its up to the individual to opt for any kind of medicine which he/she prefers....

We have a proven medicine for diabetes and all the details are published here, if anybody interested..only then contact us.. we will assist you.

Thank you


S.M.P, D.H.N.M


#49, Chinthamani street

Chettinad Sivagangai District

Tamil Nadu

Postal code - 630102

Email - doctorganesh@outlook.com

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