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The Hidden Truth - article in The Hindu dated 17/8/13 is interesting. Per capita consumption of sugar in India has gone up!

According to the report "'India's Sugar policy and the world sugar economy' submitted at the FAO International Conference, Fiji 2012, per capita consumption in India is at 20.2 kg though that is lower than the global average of 24.8 kg. it is a steep increase from 4.9 kg in 1963 (The global average shows an increase from 17.3 kg in 1963"

No wonder 'D' is on the rise in our country. For reading full article click on the link below:


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Hi Nane,

That's it!! Thank you for the very valuable information.

All this sugar has to be metabolized by our poor pancreas.

Vested interest corners will come up with arguments & study results as to why we should eat STILL MOE sugar.


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