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Any cold drinks for diabetics in India

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Hi All,

Please let me know if any cold drinks available for diabetics in india. I see pepsi, cola, fanta, maza etc with sugar added. Can I get any sugar free cold drinks in India?



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Try iced water!

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prabhashanker in reply to MikePollard

Sir, i want to ask you ,does bitter gourd regenerate beta cells or is it a fake news? One more question , is there any way to regenerate these cells.

Please tell me

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cureAdministrator in reply to MikePollard


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Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi etc.

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patliputra in reply to jingale

These contain a lot of sugar substitutes. More injurious than coke or Pepsi .

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plus in reply to jingale

Kindly avoid Diet Coke.Zero or Diet Pepsi. For they contain artificial sweetners Which are not good for ppl having D.

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:) have to take hard decision of getting off from cold drinks being a diabetic...look into the big picture 

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Have butter milk, Lemon water.  Or once a while plain soda. Soda with lemon, or ginger or mint .. you can have combination.

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I guess, once a while a diabetic can indulge! I picked up Sprite zero cans in Pune before Holi and again 3 weeks later from a large store.

Try Diet Coke, Zero Coke, Diet Pepsi and the like - these are less than 1 K Cal 

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why waste money on such cold drinks.Take home made cold rinks plan soda with nimbu ice,nimbu pani or butter milk deluted milk water lassi pudina water salty drink make all these at home.

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sezal in reply to sezal

save money and stay healthy

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And jal jeera. :)

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chilled soda lime and salt and Jaljeera with cold water with no sugar. coconut water chilled. thin butter milk with ginger and pudina or green corinder leaf with salt. Raw Mango Panna with water and salt chilled like this there are many which have already been brought out by various menbers dont take any thing like diet coke or with artificial sweetner.

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Can one spare 2.30hr walk time every day and yet attend his daily life routine of working etc etc

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yes true doctors recommend 7000 to 10000 steps a day comming to  4 to 5 kms.

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available Coke Zero BUT

AVOID  cold drinks good FOR diabetics

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Oh !! Watermelon has the highest Glycemic Index !! Never take it if you are Diabetic.

Plain Nimbu Pani is the best.

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shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to Shreekant

Glycemic response will be decided by the quantity. Merely using GI is useless. 

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Kya cold drink for a diabetic is SOL KADHI...

..I am very much sure...all LCHF followers will agree.....

It is best....pittashamak....full of coconut milk....with garcinia Indica juice.....and yummy.

Easily available in Pune /Mumbai and south Maharashtra....

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