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Some questions regarding "liver dump" or "dawn effect"

Through regular blood sugar testing at home, I have now established that I suffer from "dawn effect". That is, my blood sugar in the morning is much higher than when I took it before I went to sleep. The average readings are 105 at night and 125 in the morning.

Now here are my questions : 1) Can anything be done to reduce or eliminate this problem ?? 2) Is this problem harmful in the long run or can it be ignored ??

Rusticguy had suggested eating "cheese" before I slept. I did but it had no effect, apparently. Any other views/solutions ??? Thanks very much for any help offered.

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Review what you are eating for dinner.Can you make some changes so that the glycemic load(quantity of carbohydrates) can be reduced some what,If you are on medication,leave a gap between medicine intake and dinner strictly as prescribed.If you are accustomed to late diinner,think of making it earlier.


My dinner is low carb. I eat early at around 6.30/7.00 pm. I am not on medicines and will not take drugs unless absolutely imperative. Thanks.


My A1C levels have varied between 6 and 7 before I began my new low carb high fat diet. I will now take a fresh A1C test in mid-July.

I am not on medicines and absolutely refuse to take any drugs unless there is no other option.


Thanks, rusticguy, your suggestions make ample sense. I must applaud you for being very rational and objective. I will certainly put your suggestions into practise and let you know the results in due course.

Thanks again, rusticguy, much obliged.


Try to take a walk after Dinner.This will burn off about 80 calories approx

May help.


i will give u some medicines for this. it will solve ur all problems. Regds Avishek,09938891884


Hi rusticguy,

After our last exchange, I performed two experiments :-) One, I had a late dinner finishing at 10pm. Then tested at 6am on waking up. My reading ?? 130. Two, I had a heavy lunch and then didn't eat anything for the next 8 hours. Tested and guess what ?? 93 !!

I think from the above it can be safely surmised that it is not hunger which is making my BS shoot up, but something else (DP or LD or something else).

Suffice it to say that both lunch and dinner were low carb high fat. Sooo, type of food was also not the issue.

What is your diagnosis ??

Thanks very much again for all the help.


My results for FBS for 8, 9, 10 hours is 126, 139 & 128. Then, one hour later it fell to 103.


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