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Is it safe to 'experiment' to be without insulin and /or medication for couple of days, without consulting doctor when BG levels are ok?

I started the experiment this morning with self monitoring of Blood Glucose level. It was 110 ( fasting) , 134 ( after break fast ) and 138 ( after lunch). Intend to be without medication ( but with correct meal plan and daily exercise ) for another one or two days.

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It is not advisable.You have to maintain the drug level in your system so that the sugar levels remain at lower levels.If you discontinue the medication,there is every chance of the figures shooting up because drug level in the system would have gone down.Doctor's prescription should be complied with 100%.

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Must thank both , Mr Venkataramana and Mr Rusticguy( ?) I have full 'faith' in my doctor and shall meet him soon to report my experiment to stop taking insulin after reducing CARBS to about 100 to 140 gms a day ( as suggested by many others , including Mr Anup - who has perhaps left this forum.) My BG level/s after asking this question were post -diner 134 and this morning fasting 102 and after breakfast was 124. Even my doctor says my beta cells may regenerate in due course as my H1abc tests for the last four quarters have remained below 6 % and infections in my lungs are now fully cured. I had told him that I wish to reduce it further with diet control with less and less CARBS and more and more exercise.


Please don't stop your medicines without the advice of your diabetologist.The results may be irreversible.


Thank you sir. I am already back to prescribed medication ( small dose of insulin 03-03-03 units ) and have fixed up an appointment with my diabetologist this week even though my BG levels remained well under control during the said "experiment " .


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