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Simple solution for getting relief from BS

What I experienced during last 2 months that if you follow a simple path of :

Minimum carb food

Exercise simple brisk walking for 50 minutes to cover 5 kms distance

proper medicines in consultation with Dr.

This I have followed for last 2 months and my BS has remained around 120 both FBS and PPBS. I have eliminated carbs from my routine lunch and dinner. I eat pea nuts with Lasoon chatni in between, but only 50 gms at a time.

In a week due to pressure from Home Minister, I have to eat half chapati. Other wise what carbs goes from Green salad and curds I don't know, but must be minimum as per Mr. Anup's guidance. I eat only green salad comprising Cucumber, carrot, cabbage, Onion,tomato and curds. Except cabbage all other only 1 pc.

Earlier I was taking Glinese MF and Piosafe 15mg thrice a day. I have followed Mr. Anup's advise and stopped these 2 tabs and started 500mg METFORMIN SR twice a day.

This entire change has resulted in controlling PPBS and FBS and to my surprise weight reduction from 74 to 70 kgs. I am happy with this. At the age of 60 +, I go to sleep at 10PM and get up 5 AM. I am energetic through out the day.

I would appeal to all friends to change food habits, have exercise and medicines to keep body non diabetic for maximum period to keep side effects away.

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You have not stated the duration of diabetes.

You should check for diabetic complications:--

Infections: Pulmonary tuberculosis -- in emanciated diabetics.

Skin infections/ genital infections.

Peripheral neuropathy.numbness, pain of the feet.

Nephropathy (check for microalbumunuria, creatinine, blood urea nitrogen)

Retinopathy, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and cataract,

Fundus examination (eye).

ECG for ischemic heart disease.

Peripheral vascular disease like peripheral pulses and warmth of extremities.


Duration of diabetes is 25 yrs.

Once in 3 months,I visit my family Dr. and get checked thoroughly No diabetic complications and infections mentioned in your reply are observed. At the age of 60, I can drive car and scooter without spects.

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