Simple solution for getting relief from BS

What I experienced during last 2 months that if you follow a simple path of :

Minimum carb food

Exercise simple brisk walking for 50 minutes to cover 5 kms distance

proper medicines in consultation with Dr.

This I have followed for last 2 months and my BS has remained around 120 both FBS and PPBS. I have eliminated carbs from my routine lunch and dinner. I eat pea nuts with Lasoon chatni in between, but only 50 gms at a time.

In a week due to pressure from Home Minister, I have to eat half chapati. Other wise what carbs goes from Green salad and curds I don't know, but must be minimum as per Mr. Anup's guidance. I eat only green salad comprising Cucumber, carrot, cabbage, Onion,tomato and curds. Except cabbage all other only 1 pc.

Earlier I was taking Glinese MF and Piosafe 15mg thrice a day. I have followed Mr. Anup's advise and stopped these 2 tabs and started 500mg METFORMIN SR twice a day.

This entire change has resulted in controlling PPBS and FBS and to my surprise weight reduction from 74 to 70 kgs. I am happy with this. At the age of 60 +, I go to sleep at 10PM and get up 5 AM. I am energetic through out the day.

I would appeal to all friends to change food habits, have exercise and medicines to keep body non diabetic for maximum period to keep side effects away.

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  • You have not stated the duration of diabetes.

    You should check for diabetic complications:--

    Infections: Pulmonary tuberculosis -- in emanciated diabetics.

    Skin infections/ genital infections.

    Peripheral neuropathy.numbness, pain of the feet.

    Nephropathy (check for microalbumunuria, creatinine, blood urea nitrogen)

    Retinopathy, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and cataract,

    Fundus examination (eye).

    ECG for ischemic heart disease.

    Peripheral vascular disease like peripheral pulses and warmth of extremities.

  • Duration of diabetes is 25 yrs.

    Once in 3 months,I visit my family Dr. and get checked thoroughly No diabetic complications and infections mentioned in your reply are observed. At the age of 60, I can drive car and scooter without spects.

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