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What is procedure for Blood Sugar Test?


Can one take this Test with usual Diabetes medication? That means if I have to get BS Fasting test can I take usual dose of medicines after dinner (in the evening prior to the morning of test day). Likewise for BS PP Test can I take usual diabetes medication after full breakfast meals and then go for test after 1 hour 45 minutes of the meals?

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There are two views. If you want to know your untreated diabetes level, stop taking them for 48 hours before undergoing tests. If you want to know how you are managing and what aree the next actions,alterations to your medical chest for diabetes, you have to undergo tests, without stopping any of the medications..A total of minimum 3 tests, fasting, PP and finding out your glycemic levels by HbA1c test may be required for complete study and getting proper medicines.

A very good answer. Omkarg, you are lucky to get such a nice answer.

omkarg in reply to Vittalanand

Sir, Thanks a lot for enlightening me on this issue.

Let us know what are the results of treated and untreated diabetes, that will be useful for membres of this blog.

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