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Role of Diet control ;Regular exercise; Yoga and Pranayam in Diabetes Type2

Diabetes has almost become like an epidemic with more and more people at younger and younger age being diagnosed everyday. Sedentary lifestyle, fast food culture with high stress levels our contributory factors.Diabetes affects your life in more ways than one ,it can also adversely affect your heart , eyes,kidney and may even be fatal But you can take control of your life and Diabetes.by diet control regular exercise yoga ;pranayam and if advised regular proper use of medicines.Even if If it is at the prediabetetic stage or borderline, then its even possible to to control it with out medicine and even reverse it. Many have been able to do successfully .Even for frank diabetics , these can help in better control and reducing the medicines and insulin.

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Hi Anup

very interesting. My ppbs is 180 and A1C 5.6, can you pl help me with low carb diet. Thanks


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