Confused with what to eat for diabetes & weight Loss

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Past 2 months I have been reading several articles on low glycemic foods (with low glycemic Load). Few links say to avoid wheat fully as it spikes sugar levels. Hence the broken wheat ( dalia /long grain wheat /bulgur wheat/ burgol), whole wheat, whole wheat flour, refined wheat flour, multigrain atta, wholemeal bread, quick cooking / instant oats, white rice ( any variety) brown rice ( normal and basmati brown) should be avoided by people who are diabetic and obese? If all above are avoided totally, then what must one have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

The below links talk a lot about bad effects of wheat and wheat products..

In this, LGW is suggested by few members. My question is : is it safe to have LGW/ DHALIA ? What is the scientific proof that it reduces sugar levels? I dalia reduces sugar levels, then why the links I gave above tell to avoid wheat fully? Can anyone here clarify my doubts and suggest a good diet to follow for diabetes and weight loss ? ( INDIAN NON-VEG / VEG DIET)

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Lavvanya Priya Prakash

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  • If you are looking for Scientific proof then there's none. Even a small scale study shows no benefit on PPBS:

    Curing diabetes on LW is a HOAX.

    It's easy to sell the word CURE.

    Switch to LCHF diet and enjoy life as a diabetic.

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