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LCHF diet

Hi all.I am almost 52. Diabetic since over 5yrs,take diabetmin (metformin HCL)&Daonil (glibenclamide )..I am also hypertensive, since over 15yrs,usually 140/90,I presently take zestoretic 20mg& norvasc 10mg.weight - 102kg,5ft7inch height.have plenty weight gathered in stomach region(52inch round).FBS abt 120-160,2hr PP abt 230.suffer mostly fm tingling &numbness of feet, with burning pains at times. Don't seem to control diet adequately. Most staple foods where i live(Nigeria ) are rice, root tubers, green plantain. Fruits are oranges, mangoes, pineapple, watermelon, banana etc. Very afraid of diabetic complications. I have decided to start d LCHF diet in other to lose weight, reduce sugar level &Bp. What are ur opinions, &successes with LCHF diet in this regard? Pls Advice

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Go for it; make sure you keep your GP informed and monitor your blood glucose because you may need to change your medication; it's that effective.

Less than a cup of grains, legumes, cereals, fruit, root vegetables or tubers at each meal.

A palm-size or less of fish, seafood, eggs, meat, poultry or game.

Eat a sensible amount of greens.

Make up the balance of your meals with soft cheese, double cream, butter, ghee, nuts, avocado, olives (oil), coconut, or meat fats such as duck fat, goose fat, lard, dripping or crackling, sufficient to meet your weight management needs.

Update us with your progress please.


Thks. Concerned. Will surely give. Update. Place is pork meat included?


Yes; under the palm-size at each meal.


Your problem is the food. Rice is plenty of starch which is bad for diabetics, just like cassava and yam. Nigerian food is mostly oily and rich. Cut them all out or reduce drastically. You have not mentioned what exercises you engage in to burn your sugar. You must exercise at least 40 minutes a day, even briskly.

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Activity depends on the intensity. If you exercise hard enough to cause your body to need to adapt and improve heart function, it will take at least 24.2 hours after the cessation of the last exercise session for recovery.

After warm-up, raising your heart rate to 150+ beats per minute for 12 minutes is sufficient, or 140+ beats per minute for 20 minutes, or 130+ bpm for 45 minutes, or 120+ bpm for 90 minutes.

That said, it isn't necessary to 'burn your sugar' every day if you only consume as much carbohydrate as you use, your fasting blood glucose won't rise.


I am mostly sedentary due to my job. I ve just started short wal


you surely need some form of exercise


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