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Diabetes woes

Hi, I have Diabetes Mellitus and have had all sorts of problems, Recently my Diabetes has gotten worse, I had an abnormal reading concerning hormones, Cortisol to be exact, I had to wait for tests to be done and their respective results, before taking Diabetic Medicines, Ok so now we are 2 months past all my tests, still no meds, I asked for an appointment at my Surgery, they tell me no appointment until September, So I ask well where else can I go, I can see the Diabetic nurse on Tuesday if I go to another clinic? How Diabolical is that, Meanwhile my body is being ravaged by uncontrolled Diabetes, I am suffering.

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What are your values? about blood reports.


from egg bacon

I had a period of feeling unwell 3 years ago I had been having to increase my insulin dose by 2 units twice daily until it reached 48 units twice daily .my BP was not good either. One Saturday pm I had to dial 111 as I was feeling terrible the paramedic man came connected me to his magic box ,then he phoned for an ambulance, on reaching the hospital I was seen by an excellent doctor who after examining me said he would send me for scans to confirm what he thought. He was right in his thoughts, I had a growth on my right adrenal gland that was 9.8cm. After more scans including a radioactive one and further scans I had a operation to remove the growth and also the adrenal gland the growth had been interfering with my blood sugar and blood pressure hence my having to increase my insulin doses.At no time did I have any pain or swelling to show that I had a growth anywhere.

my insulin doses now are 7units in the morning and 5units in the evening my metformin dose has been reduced from 2×500 twice a day to 1×500 twice a day and I feel great.


I'm afraid it's the same all over the country if you want a appoint with your GP. In my area it is a five week wait, and some hospital appointment waiting lists are 18 months. You could ask if they have a cancellation list. As to treatment it depends on what your blood levels are. You can do most of the work yourself by following a low carbohydrate high fat diet, reduce sugar intake, and if you need to , loose weight, following that will have an effect on your blood sugar levels. Also visit the diabetes UK website they have lots of helpful information.


Thanks Cornflakes.


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