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Type 1 diabetes and eyesight


My daughter of 23 years has type 1 diabetes since she was 14.

She has had other health issues since none of which are terminal as such, just the feeling that you want life to leave her alone to deal with what she has in Type 1

She also has an urgent appointment tomorrow at an eye hospital. They say it is nothing to do with her diabetes but she has raised eye pressure in both eyes.

I am terrified for her. Does anyone know if eye pressure is related to diabetes and can it only be glaucoma that will be diagnosed or is there another eye problem that can cause this please?

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could have been caused by deficient immunity system the resultant of diabetes and other health issues .

not an expert but found this article from Australia which talks about ocular hypertension


Hi there,

I have had type 1 diabetes for a number of decades, touch wood I haven't suffered with any serious complications with my eyes. A few years back I was sent to the eye hospital by my optician regarding raised pressure in both eyes. As it turned out, everything was fine, it can be a common problem for the patient to blink when the dreaded puffs of air are squirted into the eye causing the eye pressure to rise. Hope this helps.

Im glad to report that she had no pressure in either eye at the appointment, that everything appears good but that it looks like she has a blocked tear duct which they are dealing with. Phew.

Thank you for your topics. But I am worry about my mother. Because she is suffering from Diabetics-2. Can you suggest any better solution to control it?

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