High reading which GP ignores

I don't have confidence in my GP, to the point that she refuses to go through my blood tests even though I have 3 abnormal results each time.

My Lupus specialist mentioned 2 years ago my high readings and mentioned diabetes. Despite having very high readings my GP makes me take the test again until it is showing less. Mother and 2 brothers diabetic. I have all the signs such as going to the loo 5 times a night and without drinks (such as in warm shops) without a drink I faint or vomit.

The hospital contacted me for a 2 year review for pre diabetics, after the first test they said I was in the diabetic range so can't go into their programme.

On holiday, a friend (diabetes 1) gave me their monitor to try for a week. I was ill so not eating much as I had diarrhoea. Readings of 135 in morning and up to 180 during the day.

GP has been chased by hospital to do something so more tests and she will not let me have tests in the local hospital, I can only have them at the surgery.

My concern is that I have pins and needles (painful) most of the day particularly at night, stabbing pain in feet and if walking for a short time, my feet have terrible nerve sensation in them, cannot talk properly if I don't have a drink, skin so itchy and my eyes are really blurry most of the time.

Both of my brothers have had heart attacks and one had one last year which the hospital said was brought on by mismanagement of diabetes.

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  • It seems incredible that your symptoms are being ignored to such a degree! Only a thought: can your symptoms be caused by lupus, rather than diabetes? I have an autoimmune disease (in remission) and I know some of the pain and discomfort myself..But they really ought to give you a clearer indication if you are diabetic. It's not rocket science! Good luck, JanR

  • HI Jan, my rhematologist said it is not Lupus.

  • You can always change Drs if you think you are being ignored.

  • I could but my GP has threatened to stop all my treatment, same way she won't let any other GP in the surgery speak to me if I go and see them!

  • That is just an excuse. It would appear you are concerned but are letting your Dr rule what you do. It is your body you have control of it not the Dr. Drs are there to help you make better decisions, they are not there to stop you doing what you want to do when changing Drs.

    If the surgery is being run that way, then you can sue for negligence.

  • Too true! My GP is hiding my results from me and getting annoyed at the meetings when I question her. There must be something on the screen as I can't get anything from the other GP's. My brother is so worried that he has arranged for me to see a GP where he lives, if the results show positive for diabetes then I will go back and challenge my GP.

  • I would change surgery altogether! I run low on iron and when I saw my GP he wrote to the haematology dept at the hotel and they confirmed that I do run low naturally so unless things change drastically there's no need to worry. Whenever I have my HbA1c done it always flags it up and I get called into the surgery. I thought it was a waste of a visit but my GP said that he's happy to see me because it means that we can make sure that we talk about my diet and any other problems, especially as both my parents had blood cancers. We go through my total blood results one by one (all good except for the iron) and he even goes back over previous results just to check things are continuing to be good and not dropping at all.

    Your GP is a bully and you need to change him, he can't stop you seeing someone else in the practice, I was registered with one doctor at my surgery but I didn't like him, so I always saw another GP, who sadly died on New Years Eve, or one of the other doctors in the surgery (we have about 6 altogether). There is no problem in seeing someone else if I can't get an appointment with my chosen GP then I'll see someone else. There are no problems and its useful to see someone else sometimes to get a different perspective.

    I would speak to you practice manager and voice your concerns. If they can't (or won't) help then I'd find another surgery and change doctors. I hope that you can get things sorted.

  • You are right! Now I don't even get a call for abnormal results! When my HbA1C was really high my GP just arranges tests until it is lower, does not act on it. It will be interesting now though as my feet are not responding as they should and as I had my OH with me, the GP has to test me.

  • I hope that you manage to get things sorted the fact that you are having problems with your feet should be ringing alarm bells with your GP! If you don't get any proper help I would ask for a referral to the hospital diabetes team,

    I have a good friend who is losing her sight because she was mis-diagnosed about 20 years ago and it turned out she had diabetes and the damage was done :( Please make sure that you demand to see your results (you can apply to see all your medical records - think it costs £10 but worth it in your case I think). If your GP continues to cause problems then report them to the local NHS Trust initially. The lack of care you seem to be getting is a disgrace.

  • You are right. I am sure my constant nerve pains alongside pins and needles is diabetes related. It really is driving me mad!

  • That's really worrying, don't delay in getting this sorted. x

  • Can you believe it, after 2 years my GP has had to refer me to the Diabetes nurse and with a test of 13 mmol/234 today!

  • Get your feet checked you could have neuropathy,I have not nice.

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