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Finally, GP recognizes diabet

My last A1c was 6.6, previous one 8 or 9, can't remember, but my GP refused to accept it or my high plasma glucose level, saying there must have been a mistake!

After 2 years, (last October) my local hospital insisted I take a pre diabetic test independent of the GP which showed I was diabetic. I have all the diabetic problems of eyesight, feet, loo, thirst, tiredness, nerve pains etc. Still my GP would not take it onboard.

Following the hospital chasing my GP up, today, finally, after a reading of 13, the diabetic nurse checked my results and I have been registered diabetic and on medication. It has taken so long that my feet and eyes need to be tested and treated.

Going to the loo 5 times a night and having thirst so bad that I am sick or vomit if I don't drink was apparently not an indicator of diabetes to my GP, amongst my other symptons.

I'm happy that finally this has been recognised as I have been going downhill fast. It shouldn't take this length of time, and has been going on much longer than 2 years. Also I have a Mother and 2 brothers diabetic. One of my brothers had a heart attack last year as he didn't realise he was diabetic.

Finally I can get better and know what is wrong with me.

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With all due respect, your blood glucose has been creeping up because you eat too much carbohydrate. Medication may help lower your blood glucose again, but the ACCORD study established that high insulin levels are worse for health than high blood glucose levels, so essentially you still need to lower your intake of foods that raise blood glucose and insulin/IGF-1 to attain good health.

If they had explained that to you, you may not need medication.


It is a mystery for me that I have higher levels as I don't have the 'normal' UK eating habits, also, I had diahorrea for 6 weeks, only having one protein shake a day and water, in bed most of the time and no carbs and this still resulted in a glucose reading of over 10.

The protein shakes are special diet ones that I have with green veg in.

Last year I was particularly careful with my diet as I have Lupus too, only having carbs over Xmas.

I have cut out all chocolate etc, biscuits, cakes etc and taking in more fruit/salads etc. I lost weight too but still had a high reading.

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Your last sentence is telling Iona467; fruit is laden with carbs, and I suspect you may not be aware of all the sources of carbohydrate in what you eat; follow this link diabetes.org.uk/documents/c...

Also, too much protein is easily turned to glucose, with harmful side products. It's much better to eat a palm-size of meat (including offal), poultry, game, fish, or seafood at most meals, or a couple of eggs or some cheese, which also provide the vitamins and minerals we need, instead of lining the pockets of the industry that makes protein powder from what would otherwise probably be waste.

You shouldn't need to eliminate carbs altogether, just reduce them sufficiently to allow your blood glucose to normalise. Then eat the amount your body uses from its glycogen reserves each day (maybe 100g carbs in total per day).

A sensible amount of non-starchy vegetables and natural fat can then make up the balance of what you eat.

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I'm talking about a banana a day plus maybe an apple or pear plus some tangerines. This is what my two brothers are told to take as they are both diabetic.


Bro, guide me how to calculate 100g carbs? as you know we Asian take Roti three times in brake fast, lunch and dinner, although I take one in brake fast two in lunch one and half in dinner with gravy of chicken fist and vegetables/pulses.


Check nutritional information on My Fitness Pal or other online nutritional information site.

I use the Carbs & Cals book by Chris Cheyette, its available from Amazon and there's an app too.

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