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Recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes



My endocrinologist (who I was seeing for my autoimmune hypothyroidism) who is retiring next month has written to my GP recommending that I go on the National Diabetes Prevention Programme. However, my GP is ignoring the letter. My fasting glucose test was taken at the GP surgery, my GP telephoned me to advise that I was pre-diabetic and this was probably because I either had a poor diet or it was hereditary! I explained that I was a Chef and eat very healtily and there is no history of diabetes from either of my Parents or their respective families. She finished the conversation by saying "you may get type 2 diabetes, you may carry on with pre-diabetes or it may reverse - there is no way of telling, just watch your diet - bye".

By the way, my GP has never met me, she only does telephone appointments (obviously, hopefully, she would see me in an emergency)

I will probably telephone her to remind her about the endocrinologists recommendation but I am trying to keep a low profile at the moment as she tried to stop my B12 prescription last month, I also have Pernicious Anemia and self inject once per week, I managed to get it reinstated but only on a temporary basis.

So before I telephone can anyone tell me if they have been on the National Diabetes Prevention Programme and how are you getting on with it?

Many thanks.


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The National Diabetes Prevention Programme will ensure that you progress to full-blown diabetes. Stay away.

As I suggested to another poster, find a doctor who is experienced with LCHF (low-carb, high-fat) treatment for metabolic syndrome. At this stage of the game, there is every chance you can be completely cured. However you do need medical support from an experienced practitioner.

The fact that you are a chef means that you are almost guaranteed to get through this; you'll be able to cook proper food for yourself instead of being dependent on ready meals. You'll probably be eating slightly unusual meals for a while - no bread, rice, potatoes, or similiar - but once your condition is under control you'll be able to bring these back in moderation.

HKAnne in reply to TheAwfulToad

Hi TheAwfulToad,

Many thanks for this advice. I shall investigate the LCHF treatment. I don't eat many carbs, except for freshly baked bread at the weekends and follow the low GI diet most of the time, so a bit surprised really that I am pre-diabetic.

Thanks again, really appreciate your advice.


There are different providers of the NDPP. LCHF is one of the options from Pulse/ICS who are trained by X-Pert Health; members of the Public Health Collaboration.

See and

HKAnne in reply to Concerned

Hi Concerned,

Many thanks, an interesting read.


Sounds like a new doctor is in order. I don’t know of any doctor that can diagnose over the phone. I don’t like the term pre-diabetes. You have it or you don’t. The doctor can determine what you need by a simple blood test. It’s best to see a doctor that specializes in diabetes.

HKAnne in reply to boja51

Hi Boja51,

Thanks for your reply.

I have changed my diet, have very little sugar, eat hardly any carbs and managed to loose half a stone in three weeks, I am going to do everything I possibly can to try and reverse my pre-diabetes.

Concerned in reply to HKAnne

Are you eligible for the NDPP HKAnne? or phone 0333 577 3010

HKAnne in reply to Concerned

Hi Concerned,

My Endocrinologist, who has now retired from Private Practice thinks so but my GP has ignored the request.

Thank you for the telephone number, I will give them a call next week. I will have a look at the attached link this weekend.

Have a good weekend.


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