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How long have I had diabetes?


For years I have had the "problem" of needing to get up to go to the toilet and pee several times during the night most nights, but never during the day till recedntly. Now it is the same 24 7, and very often I feel the urge but if I go nothing happens. A month ago I told my surgery and they did a urine test and hve now told me to go to see a diabetic consultant in June. Does this mean I have diabetes? Was the "problem" during the night a lead up to it? I eat a healthy diet now but have underactive thyroid and am overweight.

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Sounds like a prostate problem:

See your doctor and ask for an examination to make sure it's nothing more serious.

Probably there is an issue with diabetes as well, but the two conditions aren't linked.

Easy way to lose weight google LCHF.

Pardon? Lots of people get the need to go to the loo a lot as a symptom of diabetes. And it can hardly be prostrate when I am female.

You can check out the Diabetes Research and Wellness group also on HealthUnlocked.  They have a website at:


Any time!  I'm a member of the group there, too.  Very friendly and helpful people.

You have not mentioned your age and sex.You may be having prostrate problem.Consult a nephrologist first.

decembersignup in reply to Achar

Am a female of 58

The symptom of constant feeling of need to pee can also be due to adrenal glands or overactive thyroid. I did an experiment last night and took less of my medication for underactive thyroid and now need to go less.

If diabetes is suspected then your GP should have insisted on you having a full HbA1c blood count to check whether or not your blood glucose levels are raised or not, or at the very least a glucose intolerance test. I would go back and tell him that you don't want to wait till June to see the diabetic consultant and they certainly wouldn't just accept a urine test as confirmation that you have diabetes!

Ignoring diabetes symptoms too long can lead to complications so I'm surprised that your GP hasn't done more tests.

If you are overweight, reducing the weight will help get your blood glucose down (if you are diabetic and help you get healthier if you aren't).

It looks like you have maybe found a way round it by reducing your thyroid meds, it would be worth bringing that up with your GP too as you may have hit on a solution but please do go and get him to do proper blood test though to ascertain whether you have diabetes or not because of the knock on effects to your health. Hope you get a good result.

Thanks for the reply.  Have just checked with doctor and do not have suspected diabetes - it was unlikely as I exercise a lot and have a healthy diet. But the letter I received from hospital said appointment to see diabetic specialist,  I didnt realise this is same as endocronologist, which is for thyroid  - as he does both things.  Have tried hard to lose weight and find it impossible - regardless of how little I eat it wont shift, due to thyroid. As for the wait until June, thats how it is, cant jump queue, everyone would be.

Glad to hear that he doesn't suspect diabetes, although if you want it confirmed (I know perfectly fit people who are T2) that you're not diabetic or pre-diabetic then you could request a proper test. The Endriconologist may well check that anyway. Wish you luck.

My sister, who has eaten well and was (still is) very active all her life, still got type 2 diabetes at 60.     I on the other hand got it some years earlier.   It is hereditary in our family so try as she did, she was unable to avoid it.   With regard getting up several times a night, for the last year this was happening to me but my blood sugar was running high.   Since being put on insulin I hardly ever need to get up in the night.  

Did they say you're type 1 (most type 1's use insulin)?

No T1s are usually diagnosed in young life (although there are exceptions). T2s on insulin are not then re-diagnosed as T1 - its just that their pancreas isn't coping as well with things as it was before. I have several friends who are T2 on insulin and are not considered to be type 1.

I am a type 2 on insulin.     Type 1 is where the pancreas has stopped working altogether.    Type 2 is mainly due to insulin resistance, where the pancreas is producing some insulin (maybe poor quality or not enough) but the body is rejecting most of it.     So that is why there are several treatments for type 2 (depending on how insulin resistant) but only one treatment for type 1 and that is insulin.

Look into sleep apnea. I used to wake up 4or five times a night to pee. I got tested for S.A. I never wake up now.

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