What to do to lower my Blood Pressure

What to do to lower my Blood Pressure

The 3 times I have seen my family doctor my blood pressure has been high. First time was 151/100, before I left that appointment she took it again and it was 150/98. Then the last time I was there it was 148/98. The only advice she gave me was to lose weight and watch my salt intake. I don't use regular salt at home. I use Salt Sense which doesnt have high sodium levels and I dont make prepared meals. I don't understand why she did that?

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  • Did your doctor put you on any medication?

  • No she didn't. Just keeps telling me to lose weight and watch my salt. I got a family doctor because my GYN was concerned over my bp being so high all the time. Heart disease runs in my family also.

  • My blood pressure has come down by losing weight and taking regular exercise. This has been done by cutting out cake, biscuits and keeping a food diary to 1800 calories. You need to keep an eye on the amount of sugar and salt in processed food.

  • Have you ever been offered any tests for diabetes? I ask that since you say you are overweight and suffer from such hypertension. If not you could have a diabetes check at any chemists. All they do (this is what they also do at the doctors) is to prick your finger to get a drop of blood then test it with a diabetic meter. They will tell you whether or not you need to see your GP about that. Also I was advised by my diabetic consultant to invest in a blood pressure monitor which I did. He said that readings taken two to three times daily at home would give them a better idea of how your blood pressure really is. When you have your blood pressure taken at the doctors then there might be what they call the 'white coat syndrome' which essentially means that your reading are not that accurate because of the situation you find yourself in. They cost £25 at most chemists. I suspect that they are cheaper to buy over the internet but you have to remember that you are dealing with a potentially high risk illness and so investment becomes the key word. If you choose to visit the chemists for your diabetic check then do not eat or drink anything two hours before you go.

  • Here are a couple of ideas. First make sure you are not suffering from "White coat effect". This is when you are anxious and when at the doctors your BP will always be high. If possible ask if you can borrow one of those 24 hour monitors. This way you can get a better idea of what time of day your BP is high and when it is low (probably when you are sleeping for the latter). The other thing is to take your BP more than once, you will probably find that the first reading is high and the subsequent two or three are close to normal.

    I have found that the only thing that reduces my BP is exercise, and, yes, of course lose weight but that is very difficult - if it is not due to over eating. Exercise is hard to keep up but for the couple of weeks that I have managed it it has been very effective. Some people also swear by Hawthorn extract, it works very well for some people, it wasn't so hot for me and that was a big disappointment, but maybe you will be one of the lucky ones for whom it works. Resist BP medicine at all cost, research the problem and try things out.

    I do believe salt is significant, just from the point of view that it is harder to pump muddy water than it is to pump clean water. I.e. salt will raise the viscosity of your blood thereby making it harder to pump. Wish I could tell you more but it is a problem I am also battling.

  • Oh and try eating a lot of celery and beets. Unfortunately I don't think pickled beets (yum) are good enough, you have to cook them whole (yuk).

  • i seem to have high blood pressure as i had to wear one of those machines that you wear overnight as i kept getting high readings. however when the results came back it said my blood pressure was around 142.over something or other i can't remember now. but when i go to the doctor its usually 142,80 or anything up to 90 and they say thats borderline blood pressure and if they gave me medicine to lower it then it could be dangerous for me. i don't take salt and never have. maybe on a very very rare occasion. but its one thing thats not on the table in my house. i don't understand it and I'm not overweight and in my 40;s.

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