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online consultaion with doctor

my aunt is living all alone. i was planning to train her how to use net so for her daily medicines she can consult a doctor on net . but I wanted to ask how good it is to take online advice from doctor. Please I request everyone to comment on it because I have to make arrangement for her. Ofcourse I visit her atleast in 6 months that time I can take her to doctor . but for in between can i put her on online consultation . please suggest with your experiences on online advice.

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she is diabetic , high b.p. high cholestrol


it sounds ok on the face of it. Is it her own doctor? I have phone consultations (in the UK). I know some remote parts of the world have been successfully doing it online for a while. I think the key issue is to be sure of 2 things.

The doctor is reputable.

Your aunt understands what is being said and can operate the system.

Can you take advice from and talk this over with her own doctor?

Good luck


hi their i'm with larwood surgery and i do all things online from getting ordering my tablet, booking appointment even leaving them messages is so easy and confidential its a lot easier than having to either phone or go to the doctor's and having to wait if you mum's doctor have a online system then use it. it is so easy and safe hope all goes well if you need anymore advice please feel free just to ask.


thanks everyone. Actually I was also planning If doctors agrees for telephonicconversation it is good . will talk to him


You are so right biglan . I have tried online consultation on a website thelifestylediseases.com it is great , online consultation is also free. good doctor. can you suggest me the online site from where you are purchasing medicines

My experience with online consultation was great.

thanks everyone for your help


it is good because , online consultation is first aid medicine to prepare mind.


my necessity for aunt landed me with two good places.

one is healthunlocked and another is thelifestylediseases.com

at healthunlocked you find so good people to talk and the other website you find free consultation from good doctor.

both places are amazing.


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