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How to control BP naturaly

I eliminated my need for BP medicine by reducing fat, red meats, eliminating all processed foods and salt intake. Exercise 20-30 minutes most days and I reguraly replinish my body's supply of vitamins

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Well done! I also lowered my blood pressure by avoiding processed foods and running 12-15 minutes two or three times per week, although I reduced my carb intake to less than 150g per day (just sufficient to replenish my glycogen) and have quite a high natural-fat intake.


Concerned agreed left out all processed and packed and ready to eat food it helps to keep BP and blood sugar also

further you have consumed 150 gms of cab everyday

Here livermay not stored excess of glycogen ? if we consume night more carb then liver may store excess of glycogen ?

Which time is suitable for night to digest consumed food which may not stored glycogen liver?

How much fo carb quantity may required for DMperson in night time?

Thanks in Advance for early reply


The only sure-fire way is to monitor the effects for yourself. The brain function alters, and blood glucose runs slightly higher at night to enable the replenishment of glycogen. An excess of carbohydrate will result in gaining fat, and/or high fasting blood glucose levels.

I find a low carb breakfast, with two further meals of 50g carbohydrate each is sufficient.

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Staying away from all processed foods is a great idea. I am whole-food organic (at least 95% of the time) and I now have garlic and ALA (alpha lipoic acid), just started. What vitamins do you take? Last two checks I have been normal range and I want to keep it there. :)


I only eat food; no supplements.


Concerned generally diabetic persons body organs may weak and vitamins and minerals are required particularly prolonged persons above 10 years supplements must be required . This is confirmed by the Doctors also.

How you are maintained in what food without supplements . It is excellent Even all most all diabetic person followers also used more vitamins and supplements

Please share your daily food it may help us Thanks in advance for early reply

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Supplements don't necessarily provide the benefits they claim to, also our bodies have specific needs; exceeding those needs is not beneficial and may even be detrimental.

For breakfast I often have double cream followed by 2 eggs, any style. Last week I had some smoothies too; blackberries, milk and greens.

Lunch is frequently porridge with milk (or banana with oatcakes), cheese, and nuts.

Evening meal might be non-starchy vegetables, with peas and sweetcorn, or sweet potato, along with a protein food such as meat/poultry/fish/seafood/game, followed by soft cheese.

I try to get variety, mainly to enjoy what I'm eating; I'll eat olive oil, avocado, coconut, butter or crackling as alternatives to the fats outlined for example.


my personal experience increase water intake . drinking 12-15 glasses of water helps to reduce bp

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Is that because of the activity involved in keep running to the toilet?

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No water required by the person body nature it is different from person to person Generally 6 or 7 glass of water approxiatly2to 3 litre may require.

if excess of water consumed night urination may be problems Check your urine if it complete white and pure then your water content is normal if your urine slight yellow or brown colour then you may add some more quantity of water. If you have irritate for going urine then there may be some infection In this case you may contact Doctor

I may not sure if blood glucose level is some how decreases then also may be frequent urine problems araise.?

any known person may be share your opinion.

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