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Reallllly red head blood pressure or ?

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I have had high blood pressure for about 30 years now I'm 49 years old. So I'm kinda used to it and know when its peaking but the past 2 months I have had 2 episodes where everything is just fine and all of a sudden my entire head face and neck go bright red for about 2 minutes, the first time it happened I was near a sink so threw cold water on myself and it calmed down straight away but the second time I was on a roof so sat down and had to wait for it to go away which took about 4 minutes, what is it and why does it happen ? And that's me in the photo making sure that child`s swing was working correctly. It was a really posh house so dont spill the beans.

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Nice swing. It sounds like there is more going on there than just high blood pressure - maybe autonomic dysfunction, or auto-immune (mast cell??). I would go see your doctor and have blood tests done and suggest you have a 24 hour monitor attached.

Also, after 30 years on meds you should not still have high blood pressure - your meds should be keeping it down for you. I am on 4 tablets including alpha-blockers to keep mine down, but I have another complex condition in addition to diabetes, which is often associated with autonomic dysfunction. It is next on my list of things to 'bother' the doctors with.

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Hi Jay66 sorry I didn't mean I had been on meds for 30 year just I have had blood pressure for that amount of time and have been on meds for about 8 year, started with ramapril 10mg then went onto candersartan cilexetil 4mg. Every time I go to the doctors which is about once every 2 month my pressure is always to high but they put it down to driving for an hour to get too the doctors and my diet I suppose but they never say that last bit. When I lay down on my side I can hear my pulse in my ears so I have to lie on my back to get too sleep. Blockers were mentioned last time but I'm not to sure about them and if I end up a bit drowsy or tired then I cant work because I work at height.

Thank you for your reply though ill certainly mention it next time I pester the doctor :)

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How’s it going for you today? Did you get in touch with your doctor?

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My wife was taken back into hospital mid week so never got round to doing it BUT I will ring them Monday morning because I might try and go on the beater blockers I was offered last time, so between hospital visits I'm just going to go to the allotment with my little pooch and have a little tidy up with the log fire on.

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I’m sorry to hear that your wife had to go back to the hospital. Try to relax and get some rest this weekend.

Please let us know what you find out next week when you get in touch with your doctor.

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